What is Zero Trust?

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Either you go to wikipedia to learn about the zero trust, or spend two minutes to read what my thoughts are on the zero trust.

Zero trust is the advancement of end user computing, which determines the user’s authorization through different conditions.

For example, the system will first analyze the user’s real-time status (e.g., protected laptops are running on public networks. Due to the users using public networks, the internal information security policy assumes users are trying to access protected files on unsecured networks. Based on policy and risk management, information security determines the user’s authorization restrictions for the cloud application, regardless of whether the user is the cloud application administrator).

Under normal circumstances, zero trust cannot be fully fulfilled and completed with just one product. It must be assembled in five different conditions:

  • Equipment: how to distinguish between company-managed equipment or external equipment
  • Network: how to distinguish which network is credible
  • Data: how to distinguish data confidentiality agreement
  • People: how to tell whose login is in a reasonable and safe environment
  • Workload: how to manage access to applications

Virtual Desktop vs Zero Trust?

Many companies have different understandings and ideas about zero trust or end-user computing. For instance: what is the difference between virtual computer architecture (called: virtual desktop) and zero trust? In fact, both sides have different pros and cons. Basically, the original intention of both is derived from information security.

Due to the Covid pandemic, many companies are constantly evolving. More companies are using cloud applications to simplify the complicated process to accelerate the business transformation. We can see that many companies are facing difficulties in digital transformation. In these cases, the zero trust or end-user computing are very suitable solutions to address the information security issues encountered by the enterprise during the transformation.

  • There are many things that need to be coordinated in order to create virtual desktop, such as architecture, internal security settings, and software issues. Nowadays, all actions can be achieved by using the cloud architecture – the simplest way to establish the environment and provide security, and to limit and monitor the centralized network architecture.
  • The purpose of zero trust is to analyze users’ access or log-in to cloud applications to identify the scope of operations under real-time conditions, to ensure that internal confidential documents or access are secure, restricted and supervised.

3 Key Points of Digital Transformation

From my perspective, no such method is right or wrong. It is all about how companies can combine information security with user experience to achieve the most efficient and best results. The true concept of digital transformation is based on several key points:

  1. Simplify and efficiency, whether it’s external or internal
  2. Change the direction of the company and use the SaaS solution to bring your business to the market as soon as possible time to market
  3. Marketing strategy- how to improve the search rate of advertising words and real-time analysis

Above are just some observations on IT technology from my point of view, I hope I elaborated everything clearly. Looking forward to sharing more of my perspectives on other projects with you all very soon.


Kelvin Wong



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