[Zoom x Logitech x Master Concept webinar] Work easier: Outfit your connection and experience borderless communication!

The work life of hundreds and millions of people have been changed under the pandemic from 2020. Hybrid work could be the future. How do organisations adapt their work styles to operationalise this future?

Master Concept, in collaboration with Zoom and Logitech, will be sharing about Zoom Rooms and a range of solutions for returning to the office, classroom, or hybrid working environment. Gear up with the advanced hardware and scale your video conference rooms with budget-friendly options. Logitech provides different solutions that are suitable for every room sizes, and provide convenience to participants. Easily deploy video conferencing in all of your meeting spaces. Experience a flawless video conference with high-definition video across different digital devices that are provided by Zoom and Logitech.

Join Master Concept, Zoom and Logitech at this webinar, we will share how you can adapt the changed working style in the post-pandemic era. “Work from Anywhere” and “Solutions for every room” develop, test and certify that bring high quality and flexible video conferencing working experience.


  • The difference between all “Zoom Rooms”

  • How Zoom collaborated with Logitech to enhance the experience of E-conference?

  • How does Logitech provide convenience to the participants?

  • Live demo: E-Conference material set up by Logitech

  • Sharing: User experience of Zoom Rooms with Logitech hardware

  • Q&A and GAME session (A chance to win special gifts from Zoom and Logitech, and e-coupons!)


📅 Date: 18 March 2022(FRI)

🕒 Time: 4:00PM – 5:00PM(HKT) -The room will open 5 mins before the webinar start

Webinar Language: English & Cantonese


Gabriel Ng
Zoom Rooms Specialist, Zoom

Vivian Chu
Senior Commercial Account Manager, Logitech

Charles Kwok
Solution Consultant, Master Concept

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