O2O Transformation in 2022 Be a step ahead in the commerce world

To have a better understanding of targeted users, businesses and enterprises commonly adopted the method of Point-to-Point data collection. Collecting data from a single source without the automated integration between platforms often limits the flexibility of the data model structure and consistency of the data obtained.

With the emergence of Cloud Data Storage, the Hub & Spoke model data collection is emerging as the go-to standard. This model ingests users’ data from all platforms into the data lake, synchronizing data points of the user from different platforms and providing more insights to create a 360 view of eCommerce customers. It also allowed the capability of machine learning, personalization, and predictive analytics. With lower maintenance and a more consistent data collection method, this model provides a more reliable model while being the most economical, scalable, and secure.

In this webinar, we’re glad to invite James Lindsay – Digital Director of Master Concept to introduce the concept of CDP (Customer Data Platform), and how it could change the way you see your customers. And also, we’re honored to have George Lloyd – Founder of Whiskers N Paws to join us and share his insight of why building a O2O platform is so important in 2022.

About Whiskers N Paws – From Cafe, pet’ supplies to the pet all-rounded service stop, the one-stop service for all things pet-related located in Ap Lei Chau, will share their success stories and the steps they took to adapt to the digital age.


  • Introduction to Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Fireside Chat with Whiskers N Paws
  • Q&A and GAME session


George Lloyd
Whiskers N Paws

James Lindsay
Digital Director,
Master Concept

📅 Date: 18 Feb 2022 (FRI)

🕒 Time: 11:00AM – 12:00PM (HKT) (The room will open 5 mins before the webinar start)

Webinar Language: English

Meeting room: Zoom

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