[Freshworks x Master Concept Webinar] The Art of Cutomer Engagement

Omnichannel is your choice! How much investment in digital transformation to achieve business growth? The Total Economic Impact Study found that businesses reached 462% ROI after delivering better customer support experience. You may ask what you should do? No worries, we have got your back!

Join Master Concept and Freshworks in this webinar and discover how Freshdesk Omnichannel helps customer service run remotely, smoothly and more efficiently! Simple steps are needed for setting up VolP calling and call-flows. Different communication platforms are also supported by Freshdesk. With just a laptop or mobile, you are ready to make calls worldwide and communicate on multi-platform. Tailor-made your call-loads, phone service and workflows that are easier and cost-effective for beneficiaries reaching out to you.

Let’s explore how to move your phone services on cloud and transform to Omnichannel, scale phone, message service as business grows, collect your callers to the most relevant teams with a single keypress action. Enhance the quality of your communication service and provide a better customer support experience!


  • What are the benefits of Freshworks Omnichannel?

  • How Freshdesk Omnichannel saves $2.9 million by moving phones to digital service channels?

  • How HK youth organization improved workflows and provided superior customer experience?

  • Q&A and GAME session (A chance to win e-coupons!)

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📅 Date: 20 April 2022(WED)

🕒 Time: 4:00PM – 5:00PM(HKT) The room will open 5 mins before the webinar starts

Webinar Language: English & Cantonese


Swetha Ganesh
Designation: Senior Solution Engineer, Freshworks

Chris Chu
Account Manager, Master Concept

Jessie Huen
Solution Consultant, Master Concept


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