[Elastic x Google cloud x Master Concept Webinar] A gaze into the customer journey

Enhance your customer experience with Elastic and Google! How do I make sense of all my customer data? Can I easily search, manage and analyze it? How can data integration help me? Join Master Concept, Elastic, and Google in this webinar and learn exactly how to deploy an effective data warehouse, as well as search and dashboard visualisation, to enhance your data management and customer experience

Using both Google and Elastic, easily ingest large amounts of data and visualise them in a few simply clicks. Join us for a fun session as we transform unassuming datasets into intelligent insights for your business. Learn how a Customer Data Platform (CDP) assists in integrating your data online to offline, empowering you to precisely tailor marketing messages to the right customers.


  • How does Google BigQuery help you on data management?

  • How does Elastic solution enhance the data visualization?

  • How does Customer Data Platform integrate the data from different channels?

  • Bringing together Google BigQuery, Elastic and Customer Data Platform

  • Q&A and GAME session (A chance to win e-coupons!)

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📅 Date: 29 April 2022(FRI)

🕒 Time: 4:00PM – 5:00PM(HKT) The room will open 5 mins before the webinar starts

Webinar Language: English & Cantonese


Elena Lee
Solution Architect, Elastic

Stanley Lam
Partner Customer Engineer, Google Cloud

Nico Ng
Application and Data Consultant, Master Concept


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