[Boomi x Master Concept Webinar] Intuitive Customer Experience & Insights Using CDP & iPaaS

Please join us to discover how Boomi and Customer Data Platform (CDP) effectively collect customer data from different customer touchpoints, securely store the data and gain seamlessly connectivity for 360-degree view of your customer that bring you GREATER customer spend, GREATER satisfaction rate and GREATER engagement rate.


  • Why is Customer Data platform (CDP) important to your business?

  • How does CDP offer a secure and effective data warehouse?

  • How fast and easy it is to instantly connect everyone to everything, anywhere with Boomi?

  • Use case sharing: How to deploy Boomi, and CDP into your business


📅 Date: 20/05/2022 (FRI)

🕒 Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Webinar Language: Cantonese


Geoffrey Lau
Boomi, Solutions Architect

Nico Ng
Master Concept, Application and Data Consultant

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