Sun Life Hong Kong
- Success with
Google workspace

Company Profile

Sun Life Hong Kong is one of the leading global insurance corporations that offers a broad range of insurance, retirement and investment products and services to meet the diverse needs of both individual and corporate clients. It is also a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, currently they have been established in Hong Kong for over 129 years and their goal is to to help their clients to achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives.

Industry: Insurance Provider

Primary project location: Hong Kong

The Challenges

With over 50,000 Sun Life global users, each region’s Sun Life IT department operates on its own independently in each region, especially in Asia pacific region. Each of the IT team has their own email system chosen to run, i.e. Google Workspace (GWS), O365 and Zimbra. However, Sun Life’s audit team found out that such way to operate has caused the variance in the security control levels, and it was getting difficult for them to maintain the security assessment

After consultation, Master Concept understood that what Sun Life needed was a centralized email system. To do so, it would normally take around 9 months to migrate the systems into one as a whole. While a long public holiday period was coming up which might cause further delay to the project timeline, the biggest challenge was to make actions before the O365 email system hit its license expiration day, meaning Master Concept only had very tight time to complete the migration process without affecting Sun Life’s IT operation. 

The Solutions

After reviewing their security requirements, Master Concept found that the license and the functions of the existing provider could be fully replaced by Google Advanced phishing and malware protection. Google Workspace was chosen because of its flexibility and streamlined operation process with a good pricing, and also it’s compatibility in complying with Sun Life’s compliance and requirements. 

Next, Master Concept team as an IT architect also provided a professional service in the action plan, including implementation plan, migration plan and change management plan. With our corporate experience on working with Google, the GWS migration with full compute power GCP resources was completed within 3 months. 

The Result

Having different regions’ IT teams to switch into using the same single platform allows them to have a standardization with central management, it benefits them to be able to forecast what will happen and to identify technology that can be a regional security threat with a centralized system to provide all round protection. This also helps them to reduce their operational cost, the cost of regular inspection for tech refreshment and saving their time to operate. In this case, the migration saved 6 months Microsoft license costs for not needing to pay 25,000 O365 users.