Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)

Company Profile

Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) is a television broadcasting company based in Hong Kong. It is one of the largest commercial Chinese programme producers in the world with an annual production output of over 21,000 hours of dramas and variety programmes accumulated over 53 years of operation. By 2020, the five terrestrial free-to-air channels that TVB operates – Jade, J2, TVB News, Pearl and TVB Finance & Information, reached 5.4 million in-home-viewers in Hong Kong every week on average.

Industry: Entertainment

Primary project location: Hong Kong

The Challenges

Previously, TVB was using Microsoft SQL Server running on Azure as their IaaS, IaaS is a type of cloud computing service that offers essential compute, storage, and networking resources on demand, in this case, all of the related TVB ads data were stored in Microsoft SQL Server. However, they further evaluated the Azure SQL data warehouse and found that the SQL Server resulted in low performance and higher initial and running cost; a more efficient alternative solution is required.

The Solutions

The solution that Master Concept team implemented for TVB is to continuously move the Microsoft SQL data to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) BigQuery via Xplenty SaaS platform to lower the cost of data warehouse platform, and increase the query performance for complex reports type architecture. As to handle multi-type of reports, Dataflow is the core service that we used for the ETL process, which is also a fully managed streaming analytics service by Google Cloud Platform that minimizes latency, processing time, and cost through autoscaling and batch processing, allowing TVB to reduce the operation cost and to remove the limitations from SQL or relational database with having the reporting process shorten. Since TVB team is familiar with PowerBI and Tableau, they decided to implement this solution to visualise their dashboard.

The Result

There are two areas of key impacts resulting from this solution – report process modernisation and infrastructure modernisation. One of the most important aspects while working with data warehousing solutions and analytics is the ability to handle large datasets, BigQuery is the best for TVB for that particular aspect. Compared to SQL server, BigQuery is faster while handling large data sets, hence it can provide a faster analysis on their ads effectiveness and usage.
As for the infrastructure modernisation aspect, through the use of serverless architecture, there is no more IaaS VM usage limit, TVB no longer needs to provision, scale, and maintain servers to run applications, databases, and storage systems.

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