Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)

Company Profile

Radio Television Hong Kong is the public broadcasting service in Hong Kong. GOW, the predecessor to RTHK, was established in 1928 as the first broadcasting service in Hong Kong.

Industry: Government of Hong Kong

Primary project location: Hong Kong

The Challenges

RTHK’s website engine had been long using Google Search Appliance Mini and later Google Search Appliance Model (GSA, Hardware) since 2012 Google Search Appliance Mini. As Google deprecated GSA and no longer provides support for it, RTHK is in need of a Search Solution to replace the existing search functionality.

As RTHK has long been using Google’s Search and adapted the ease of use on Google Search Experience, Master Concept provides the concept of a new Google Search Solution – Google Cloud Search (GCS) to replace the existing On-Premise GSA search appliance.

The Solutions

We Master Concept by using Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) Compute Engine + Cloud SQL to build a series of Web Crawler, Crawl and Index RTHK existing websites. Thus, to feed the indexes into the GCS Dictionary.

With the help of GCP’s App Engine (A Serverless Microservice) to integrate our customized developed Search Application + Search Admin Console Portal to the GCP developed Google Cloud Search (GCS) Environment. 

App Engine provides ease of use to auto-scaling with some ad-hoc/unanticipated increase of demand on usage. For instance, sudden weather changes that cause frequent traffic accidents that actually increase the demand for searching on the RTHK website. App Engine’s auto-scaling capabilities can help to scale when facing on-demand traffic/requests and making sure the Search Engine and the following applications operate as usual and properly.

App Engine itself has its own report and analytics dashboard that allow the customer to directly get onto the web services and research through end users’ search keywords and history. These data would therefore be digested into GCP’s BigQuery via Cloud Datastore and displayed on Data Studio.

In terms of the back-end admin portal, Master Concept also facilitated Google’s Cloud Identity & Access Management for user identification and roles based access control. As RTHK is using Google Workspace, it fits perfectly into GCI that easily authenticates the user and group’s roles and permissions settings.

The Result

With this project that we applied GCP’s microservice Cloud SQL(MySQL) as the database’s infrastructure, Cloud SQL itself not only supports GCS’s indexing but also saved the GCS Admin Configuration details (Such as site details, crawler details, synonym, key match, etc.) as well as website’s analytical data (i.e. Top search keywords)

We have also successfully helped RTHK to move on-premise GSA to the newly introduced Cloud’s Search solution – GCS. This improves significantly on cost-saving and maintenance efforts on Infrastructure

Using Google Cloud Identity (GCI, IDaaS) to perfectly bind with their customization’s user and groups for permission settings help them to centralize all the access rights for user and applications. This embraces the idea of one place to rule them all and managing a single identity directory location.