- Google Workspace migration with full compute power of GCP resources
- The migration project of 300 users and 2TB shared data was completed in only TWO months
- Central management on all regions
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DNAfit is an award-winning personalized health and wellness company. It aims to use genetic science and technology to improve the health outlook for millions of people. The earliest heritage was in sports, helping elite athletes achieve their full potential. Now, DNAfit aims to tackle preventable diseases with lifestyle – before the effects creep into families’ lives. It helps people understand more about their bodies and make simple lifestyle changes to improve health and well-being.


DNAfit is now part of the Prenetics Group.Prenetics is the leading genetic testing/digital health company in Southeast Asia, empowering individuals with valuable information to make their health a personal choice. With a global team of more than 700 team members, Prenetics’ mission is to bring health closer to people, by decentralizing health care, and focusing on the comprehensive testing capabilities covering prevention, diagnostics, and personalized care.


  • Primary service location: Hong Kong and global, with headquarters in United Kingdom and South Africa
  • Industry: Health, Wellness and Fitness


Prenetics, a Hong Kong-based startup that offers genetic testing services for patients, is expanding outside of Asia and into the consumer space after it acquired London-based company DNAFit. Around 300 DNAfit global users with 2TB shared data, especially in the United Kingdom and South Africa region. Each of the IT teams has their own operation team to manage the environment. Prenetics’s IT team found out that such way to operate has caused the variance in the security control levels, and it was getting difficult for them to maintain the security assessment.

After consultation, Master Concept understood that what Prenetics needed was a centralised management on all domains. The biggest challenge was to fulfill the requirements from different regions. And with the tide timeline because the license will expire within 6 months on DNAfit environment, it means Master Concept only had very tight time to complete the migration process without affecting Prenetics’s IT operation.

solution: Google Workspace

After Master Concept reviewed their requirements, we found that the Google Workspace Migrate can fulfill the migration requirements and ensure the 2TB shared data are safely migrated. As a consultant, we advised them to assign different regions into different OUs in Google Workspace. Each OU can be managed by different region operation teams separately, and the Prenetics Team as the Global management team. Each OU could have their own security control and can be centrally managed.

Next, the Master Concept team as an IT architect also provided a professional service in the action plan, including implementation plan, migration plan and change management plan. With our corporate experience on working with Google, the Google Workspace migration with full compute power Google Cloud Platform resources was completed within 2 months.


Having different regions’ operation teams to switch into using the same single platform allows Prenetics to have a standardization with central management on all regions. With the help of Master Concept, the whole migration project was completed smoothly and safely in only 2 months. Google Workspace not only benefits Prenetics to be able to forecast the environment change but also manage the security control deployment in a single platform.


Story Highlight:

– Google Workspace migration with full compute power of GCP resources
– The migration project of 300 users and 2TB shared data was completed in only TWO months
– Central management on all regions