Highway Department - Route 11 Website

Company Profile

Highway Department is a department of the Hong Kong Government responsible for developing Hong Kong’s road and railway network and road maintenance.

Industry: Government of Hong Kong

Primary project location: Hong Kong

The Challenges

Route 11 (the section between Yuen Long and North Lantau) connects North West New Territories (NWNT) and urban areas. The project’s objective is to build a website to provide the construction and development progress and share it with the public. The complete services offered by Master Concept include:

  • The Layout design, 
  • Website Development, 
  • Services hosting,
  • The content update, and
  • Managed service.

The project timeline requested by the client was likely not sufficient to build the entire infrastructure on-premises and web services. Other than that, the rollout plan for the whole platform still requires additional time for security audit and assessment by following Hong Kong Government security standards.

Additionally, covid19 and chips shortage makes the hardware delivery time has become longer and getting worse.

The Solutions

We Master Concept by using cloud technology and open source web content management system  to lower the time cost caused by the delivery and pre-set the WordPress GCE on GCP marketplace, simple management and without extra customisation on Cloud infrastructure set up and deployment.

Our goal is to ideally make use of the GCP Virtual Private Cloud and Firewall rules to strengthen security and prevent network attacks to the web server while satisfying networking and firewall needs in the entire deployment process. And because the website requires content updates, we then use GCP PaaS – Cloud SQL(MySQL) as a content store and coordinate with the website, which helps simplify the maintenance outcome.

The Result

With this project, we used GCP’s Marketplace WordPress Services on Compute Engine, which runs in the defined Virtual Private Cloud, and the web content stored in the relational database’s infrastructure (MySQL).

We provide the new concept of leveraging cloud capabilities and benefits. We also successfully helped Highway Department deploy and develop the web service runs on Google Cloud Platform within the schedule and:

  • Simplify the architecture, 
  • Streamline the ongoing operation and maintenance process

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