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Google's services are helpful for us to quickly build a company database and remote operations. Data cloud management, query, and access control are very clear, which can effectively reduce labor costs and speed up operation procedures for us, especially after the outbreak of the epidemic.
Nicole Huang
COO of SoundOn Inc


SoundOn, the largest Podcast platform in Taiwan, was founded in April 2019 by Likai Gu, the former General Manager of Uber North Asia. In just two years, the range of services has expanded from the original Hosting platform (creator audio file hosting service), Podcast original program production, and Android With iOS Podcast player, to Podcast advertising, Live broadcast, and provides creators and listeners with a full service package from the back end to the front end.

In 2021, SoundOn has grown rapidly. The platform’s hosting service has now accumulated more than 10,000 creators and created more than 12,000 programs. The number of non-repetitive downloads also exceeded 50 million in a single month at the end of April this year, setting a remarkable milestone. The number of listeners has reached 940 million times from the opening of the service up till today.

Challenge: the need for efficiency of Internal team

“In this highly competitive landscape from front-end and back-end and the rise of Podcasts in the globe and Taiwan, we strive to solve users’ listening needs and pain points, promote the value of creators, and eventually expand the market. We look forward to building personalized content based on data and strengthening the industrial chain. Our stepping stone to the future is to bring listeners and creators a better journey of Podcast.” said Nicole Huang, COO of SoundOn. The highly rated program “SoundOn Originals” has been launched on all major platforms recently. On the SoundOn App, the “Content Gallery”, “Theme Curation”, “SoundClub Interactive Discussion”, as well as new product design and value-added service provision on the advertising side, are all now available. This is a specific action of Podcast that responds to needs in real-time, from the development of the platform, the creator, and the listener.

SoundOn has joined the fast-growing Chinese-speaking Podcast market for two years. With continuous and rapid growth as its strategic goal, it also emphasizes efficiency in internal collaboration. Dean, the Engineering Manager of SoundOn mentioned: “‘Efficiency’ is the main reason why we decided to implement Google Workspace solution from the very beginning.”

The demand for cloud and data analysis is relatively high as SoundOn is a start-up company and they are a Podcast content provider that has the largest audio file Hosting platform in Taiwan. Therefore, implementing Google solutions has indeed been the best choice after careful evaluation.

solution: Full suite of collaboration Tool - Google Workspace

Google Workspace has improved the work efficiency of start-up companies from both the front-end and back-end. For example, for the user side, there are features that can solve the problems of managing internal documents and relying too much on manpower and rules in the past. Google Docs and Google Sheets have greatly improved the efficiency of internal work, including document transfer, co-editing, storage, version updates, etc.

Simultaneously, the supporting measures such as back-end management, privacy, and security protection provided by Google also save organizations a lot of management difficulties. “Although for young colleagues who are used to using Google services, having experienced managing files with “hard disks”, document loss and version disorganisation caused by file transfer can cost the company additional management costs.” Nicole then took file content coverage as an example. She believes that, The biggest advantage of document management through the Google environment is that it allows companies to quickly restore the pre-modified version through the “version history”, and it is convenient for the administrator to find the last collaborator by viewing the user account for subsequent understanding and communication.

Michael Yang, Sales Manager of Master Concept, added: “In my past experience, more than half of the companies said that after implementing Google services, they no longer have to worry about file transfer and updates. The collaboration tools are intuitive and easy to use. By significantly reducing the training time for new employees, and saving 40% of the hidden management cost on average is more than enough for the companies to reassure this investment.”

In this regard, Nicole mentioned: “These small details are very important. For company management, Google’s services are helpful for us to quickly build a company database. It is clear what information is stored, how to query, and how to control internally and externally. All of the above mentioned can reduce labor costs and speed up the operation process for us. The result is particularly obvious after the outbreak of the pandemic. Whether it is in-house or Work From Home, Google is a good collaborative environment, so that colleagues can collaborate seamlessly and work more efficiently.”

“For me personally, Google Workspace is a set of services with high acceptance, simplicity, convenience, and low learning cost. For the company to introduce any new collaboration mechanism, product development, back-end data integration and relocation, saving the company about 50% of the time cost.” – Dean Tsai, Engineering Manager of SoundOn Inc

Result: saved more than half of the time with Master Concept’s assistance on data transfer

In addition to reducing communication costs and improving operational and collaboration efficiency for companies in the “front-end” aspect, Google Workspace also brings a lot of direct access to startups as startups usually face limited manpower and relatively insufficient IT and back-end system personnel as additional benefits.

In July 2021, SoundOn cooperated with Master Concept, which is committed to assisting enterprises in cloudification and digital transformation, and carried out a series of data migration operations. The data in the original account was moved to the new account. Even though it is terabytes of data, the entire relocation process only lasted 3 days with the help of Master Concept. Compared with the general IMAP transfer, it saves 30% off the work time. With minimal impact on the work of colleagues, it has completed a lot of “painless” data transfer.

“For me personally, Google Workspace is a set of services with high acceptance, simplicity, convenience, and low learning costs. In internal collaboration, product development, back-end data integration and relocation, it saves the company more than 50% time.” Dean mentioned that he has experienced more traditional workflows in the past. Indeed, there would be a lot of unexpected human errors in various front-end and back-end data management. Google Workspace can effectively reduce the error rate. For start-up teams, it is definitely the first choice to establish the operations.

The service consultation provided by Master Concept offered cloud-based services for all products. I think there is a lot of assistance in this regard. In summary, when selecting services, everyone considers the professionalism and efficiency of the service, and the understanding of the issues. Master Concept is a great partner when dealing with the provision of timeliness and professional information.

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