The Way to Reduce Customer Service Response Times by 96%

Since Decathlon Taiwan introduced Freshchat about a year ago, the first response time of a ticket has significantly reduced from 2.5 hours to less than 5 minutes.
Abby Lin
Customer Service Leader of Decathlon Taiwan Co., Ltd


Decathlon Group, one of the world’s largest sports retailers with over 1,600 stores in 69 countries and regions. The Taiwan operation started in 1990 and today has grown into Taiwan’s largest sports retailer with more than a dozen stores in all key cities. With the fast growth of Decathlon Taiwan’s online business, replying to emails has increasingly caused troubles to the company’s customer services team. The staff took longer to respond to customer enquiries and was not able to meet the immediate needs of customers.

Because of that, Decathlon Taiwan was looking for a communication tool that is efficient, convenient to use, and can deliver a better customer experience. After comparing products from different providers, the company chose Freshworks’ Freshchat customer messaging software and partnered with Master Concept — Freshworks’ top Preferred Reseller in APAC who provided professional consultation and technical support.

Decathlon with Freshwork success story

Challenge: the importance of customer interactions

As one of the world’s largest sports retailers, one of the things that are most important to the overall success of the company is to evaluate the customers’ interaction and satisfaction. Especially in online business, customers want to know their business is appreciated and feel valued even without any face-to-face sales support.

solution: A programmatic tools to respond, organize, and analysis

In order to answer the question above and enhance its performance. Master Concept introduces a leading cloud-based customer support platform: Freshworks Platform together with its customer messaging software Freshchat to provide rich API for custom integration, automated workflows, and smart analytics previously. With the professional consultation and technical support for the introduction offered by Master Concept, Decathlon successfully setting up the live chat functions within a week’s time.

Result: Reduce Customer Service Response Times by 96%

Freshworks provides very powerful functions, enabling our customer services team to respond to our customers quickly and accurately. The setting up of quick replies has significantly shortened our response time.

Abby Lin, Customer Service Leader of Decathlon Taiwan