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Google Solution Day – Unlocking the Next Chapter of GenAI

In this 2-hour event, we are going to explore what a search engine can do with the support of generative AI – the Google Cloud Vertex AI Search, covering search and answer capabilities, automation, and predictive analytics. We also involve presenting the Industry Solution by Google Maps and demonstrating the features of Duet AI for Google Workspace for improved collaboration and productivity.

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ITSM Key Data : 2023 Service Management Trends Report

In 2023, many businesses are struggling with the weakened economy and global inflation. After the pandemic, many companies have recognized the importance of digital transformation. They are investing in improving work processes and management systems to reduce operating costs and enhance efficiency through technology. ITSM tools are a good solution. However, how to maximize the advantages of this system after implementation remains a key question.

Upgrade the efficiency of logistics and transportation Google Maps creating a new application of location intelligence for enterprises

In 2020, the covid-19 epidemic has changed the global industrial chain and most of the offline business models. It has created business opportunities for new service providers such as food delivery, transportation, e-commerce and online shopping. How does Google Maps help logistics companies to reduce operating costs and increase productivity and efficiency through location intelligence?

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