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Picking the Right Project Management Software for You: Asana vs Wrike

How to pick a project management tool? Asana vs Wrike full comparison

A broad spectrum of project management tools are present in the markets, so when choosing the right software, enterprises’ needs as the starting point is important by evaluating the work purposes, the problem desired to be solved or the situation desired for improvement. Asana and Wrike are the two giants in the project management market, how should companies compare and make a decision?

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Hybrid office becomes the new mainstream of working from home

How should companies adjust to the new mainstream “Hybrid Office” in the workplace?

Hybrid work is considered to be the mainstream of the future in the post-pandemic workplace. Although some enterprises and office workers are no strangers to remote work, if they want to implement the hybrid office work mode for a long time, it is necessary for enterprises to make effective adjustments to the management and operation of remote work from home. Making good use of the productivity advantages of remote office and maintaining the interpersonal interaction environment of physical work can create a win-win situation for both parties in the hybrid office.

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[Elastic x Google cloud x Master Concept Webinar] A gaze into the customer journey

Enhance your customer experience with Elastic and Google!

How do I make sense of all my customer data? Can I easily search, manage and analyze it? How can data integration help me?

Join Master Concept, Elastic, and Google in this webinar and learn exactly how to deploy an effective data warehouse, as well as search and dashboard visualisation, to enhance your data management and customer experience

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Upgrade the efficiency of logistics and transportation Google Maps creating a new application of location intelligence for enterprises

In 2020, the covid-19 epidemic has changed the global industrial chain and most of the offline business models. It has created business opportunities for new service providers such as food delivery, transportation, e-commerce and online shopping. How does Google Maps help logistics companies to reduce operating costs and increase productivity and efficiency through location intelligence?

Cloud Digital Leader Training with Google Cloud (CDLILT)

This training is designed to give you foundational knowledge about cloud
technology, data, and Google Cloud products that enable digital transformation.
Empowering you and your team(s) to contribute to cloud-related business
initiatives in your organization.

Google Workspace Administration (GSAD)

The courses will help you feel confident about using the features of the Google
Workspace Admin console to manage users, control access to services, configure
security settings, monitor Google Workspace operations, and much more.

Preparing for the Associate Cloud Engineer Exam (GCPACE)

This course helps learners create a study plan for the ACE (Associate Cloud
Engineer) certification exam. Learners explore the breadth and scope of the
domains covered in the exam. Learners assess their exam readiness and create
their individual study plan.

Preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect Examination (GCPPCA)

This course provides basic information about the Professional Cloud Architect certification exam, including sample questions. It’s designed to eliminate any confusion or misunderstandings about the process and nature of the exam itself. You’ll also explore additional training resources that can help you prepare for the exam.

Getting started with Google Kubernetes Engine (KUBGKE)

This course will teach you how to containerize workloads in Docker containers, deploy them to Kubernetes clusters provided by Google Kubernetes Engine, and scale those workloads to handle increased traffic. You’ll also learn how to continuously deploy new code in a Kubernetes cluster to provide application updates.

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