Comprehensive Cybersecurity
Fortified Against Online Attacks!

Create a seamless security network, whether it is stored locally or in the cloud in Palo Alto, you don’t have to worry about any hackers.
The most advanced protection technology combined with comprehensive solutions gives you control over information security in any operating environment.

Why do you need Palo Alto (PA)?

PA Networks delivers a robust cybersecurity solution that seamlessly integrates Firewall and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) capabilities for on-premises and cloud environments, empowering organizations to meet their ever-evolving security needs.

By leveraging the flexibility of cloud resources and augmenting existing firewalls, PA Networks establishes an additional layer of protection beyond the firewall, effectively shielding your network from external threats.

Key Features

Advanced Threat Prevention Technology Forms Your Solid First Line of Defense!

Palo Alto’s unique integration capabilities solve the security gaps of traditional firewalls and SD-WANs, using innovative AI technology to thoroughly eliminate the cybersecurity pain points enterprises face in global deployments and hybrid IT environments. Additionally, through a centralized management platform, enterprises can efficiently control cybersecurity risks, ensuring secure digital transformation.

Strengthen existing firewalls to keep threats away from your network and devices

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly complex, and traditional firewalls cannot fully defend against highly persistent threats such as polymorphic malware. Once attackers bypass the firewall, an enterprise’s internal assets and data will be severely compromised. By integrating with existing firewalls, threat detection and defense are constructed outside the firewall, blocking multi-vector attack paths.

Enable Secure Access for Branch Offices and Mobile Users Worldwide

Enterprise’s IT infrastructures are become increasingly hybrid and cloud-based, users traversing different cloud and internal environments are highly susceptible to attacks without realizing it. PA Networks seamlessly integrates with various public cloud environments and overseas locations, providing users with consistent and highly secure connectivity. Regardless of where data flows, it is protected and monitored for security, blocking known and unknown cyberthreats, ensuring data confidentiality and continuity in a hybrid cloud architecture.

Additional Layer of Protection for Corporate Users Access

Overseas Sites or Public Clouds Compared to Traditional SD-WANs
It automatically updates signature databases and performs other dynamic updates, detecting and automatically blocking potential threats to ensure secure transmission and protect the safety of overseas sites and remote users. This provides users with consistent protection. It also simplifies deployment by adopting a centralized cloud management approach, ensuring security consistency between overseas sites, remote users, and headquarters.

Protect from High-Risk Websites

When employees browse risky websites, malware can easily infiltrate the corporate network, potentially causing irreparable data loss if data is stolen. By assessing and filtering user web behavior, known malicious sites are blocked, effectively preventing data leakage.

Centrally Deploy, Control, Monitor Internal Network and User Behavior Across Different Regions

Security devices from different vendors cannot be integrated, and siloed management approaches are complex and time-consuming, leading to significant waste of IT resources and potential risk oversights. PA Networks provides a one-stop management platform to centrally deploy policies, monitor status, and substantially improve the cybersecurity management efficiency of IT teams.

Block Abnormal Traffic (DDoS Attacks) by ​Cloud Elasticity

Abnormal Traffic, Ensuring Uninterrupted External Network Connectivity for the Organization
The scale of DDoS attacks is increasing daily, capable of easily crippling traditional protection measures and causing system downtime and severe operational disruptions. By flexibly provisioning cloud resources to counter DDoS attacks, critical business systems can continue to operate normally, effectively reducing operational losses.


Palo Alto can build security in any Cloud/On-premise environment

Strengthen on-premises defenses through cloud services for On-premises-centric enterprises

Enterprises with multiple overseas locations and mobile users can achieve zero-trust security architecture protection.

PA Networks management platform centralizes control and protects overseas network

Protects Both cloud and on-premise with PA Networks for Hybrid Cloud environment

Why Master Concept?

Master Concept is a Palo Alto certified partner, providing customers in the APAC region with more complete and comprehensive security solutions. In addition to providing product demonstration, implememnt service and technical consultation, we also provide you with local support and provide exclusive discounts! We currently have locations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Macau and other Asia Pacific regions. We work with Palo Alto with the purpose of helping enterprise strengthen their cloud security protection.

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