Every journey starts from Identity
OKTA is a trusted platform to secure every identity, from customers to the workforce, connects any person with any application on any device.

How does OKTA work?

By leveraging the Cloud technology and zero trust security concept. Okta provides the lightweight and comprehensive solution to tackle all your identity scenarios.

Workforce Identity

The workforce identity provides full support for hybrid environments includes Single Sign-On, Universal Directory, API Access Management, etc to protect and secure your employees, contractors, and partners.

Customer Identity

By building auth into any app, Okta helps to create secure, delightful experiences quickly. Enable frictionless registration and login for your customer-facing apps.


Enterprise-Grade Identity Management Service

Single Sign-On (SSO)

“Connect to every app easily without having to log in repeatedly”

  • Provides the basic function of sign in/up with process
  • It can further convenient users based on the accessing conditions (Network, Device, Time, etc.)
  • Provides an intuitive browser-based dashboard for centralized access to all resources

Multi-Factor Authentication

“Secure accounts from credential theft and fraud with MFA”

  • All sorts of MFA including 3rd Party MFA (Software and Hardware!)
  • Strong multi-factor authentication to secure accounts and block unauthorized access
  • Comprehensive protection for customer-facing apps and sensitive enterprise data

Universal Directory

“One directory for all your users, teams, and devices”

  • Connecting All types of user directories (Including On-Prem AD, Azure AD/Entra, GWS LDAP!)
  • Unifies multiple identity sources with different user types (contractors, partners, customers) into a single view
  • Offers AD/LDAP directory integrations and pre-built connections to SaaS apps like Google Workspace and third-party identity providers

Lifecycle Management

“Manage provisioning like a pro with automation”

  • It automates the provisioning and deprovisioning of licenses. (Including On-Premise!)
  • It enables IT to help real-time dashboard to review the license assignments

Access Gateway

“APIs are the new shadow IT. Secure them ASAP”

  • Enabling On-Prem applications (Including SAP, Oracle, etc) to seamlessly integrate with OKTA.
  • Using Okta to manage identity and authentication with On-Prem application

How OKTA help you?

Customized solution for different scale of business to solve the pain points.

Public Sector

  • Modernize IT
  • Deal with mass identity authentication
  • Compliance and security features that public sector organizations need
  • Case Study: Federal Government

Financial Service

  • Deliver streamlined, secure experiences
  • Secure ALL your apps—on prem and in the cloud
  • Implement Zero Trust security to digitize without adding risk
  • Case Study: Nasdaq


  • Accelerate product development
  • Protect against data breaches
  • Build cloud-first, mobile-first IT
  • Case Study: Zoom


  • Manage user access in cloud apps and allow faster logins
  • Easy-to-use multi-factor authentication improve efficeincy
  • Decreasing IT administration cost
  • Case Study: Envision Healthcare


  • Streamline the HR management system to centralize employee profile
  • Reduce manual approval process and avoid risk
  • Safer access with SSO and MFA
  • Case Study: Sephora

Success Story


  • Improve students and faculties login experience.
  • Unifies identity across 90% of the university’s applications and digital services.
  • Greater sense of visibility around user access and identity via all platforms.

Why Choose Master Concept?

“We have experiences deploying On-Prem & Cloud Environment
Assisting the customer to fulfill compliance requirements (ISO, CIS, NIST)”

Master Concept is one of the premium partners of Okta in APAC. This year, Master Concept has been helping with renowned universities and customers in the FSI industry in Asia to bring them into Okta’s Identity Cloud.

With our high expertise in Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solution, we contributed a great success to our valued customers by tailoring their offerings to provide superior value in their business, including simplifying the identity verification process among different applications with high security standards and securing the digital workspace.

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