Privately and securely connect to clouds, data centers and business partners worldwide on-demand. Reduce complexity. Enhance performance. Lower costs.

What is Console Connect?

Console Connect is an easy-to-use platform for Software Defined Interconnection® of network services, giving you a one-touch portal for seamless global connectivity between data centres, business partners, distributed IT infrastructure and the world’s major public clouds.

Why do you need Console Connect?

Drive efficiency, reduce cost and improve your network performance through our leading global Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform.

Connect to more things, faster

Spin-up high-speed connections between data centres, business-critical apps and partners in seconds.

Reach further across the globe

What sets Console Connect apart is the underlying private network infrastructure, which is truly global and best-in-class.

Reliability and performance

Avoid the public internet and enhance the security, speed and performance of your mission-critical workloads through our Network-as-a-Service platform.

Connectivity as agile as your business

Make complex and costly network connections a thing of the past with our agile, scalable and fast connectivity.

What sets Console Connect apart?

It operates on one of the world’s biggest MPLS networks.

The network combines the flexibility of on-demand cloud services with the security, reliability, and performance of high-quality, owned infrastructure.

The infrastructure is physically separate from the public internet, ensuring better security and performance.

Console Connect delivers cloud-like agility and control over a high-performance private network

Challenge 1

The accessibility of Sensitive CRM and ERP workloads 


Solution 1

A private network enhances security and helps with compliance

Challenge 2

Lack of experience to setup and manage direct cloud connects


Solution 2

Reduces complexity of network management and configuration

Challenge 3

Unexpected Cloud storage costs  


Solution 3

Improves network efficiency and reduces costs, such as egress charges

Challenge 4

Required high service availability and bandwidth


Solution 4

Introduces a consumption-based model. Flex bandwidth to meet the needs of your business

Console Connect brings you closer to the cloud

Smarter and more secure connections to leading cloud platform providers from over 50 60 countries worldwide – using the Console Connect management portal or via our API.


Reduce complexity

Our self-service portal and intuitive UI gives you complete control over your global cloud connectivity.


Improve Performance

Create Layer 2 or Layer 3 connections across our own high-performance network, bypassing the public internet and enhancing end user experience.


Greater Flexibility

Avoid long lead times and restrictive contracts. Flex bandwidth up and down to meet the needs of your workloads in the cloud.


Increase Visibility

Monitor all your cloud connections in real-time, including bandwidth allocation and utilisation.


API - enabled

Connect to the Console Connect platform via API and introduce greater automation to your workflows.


Extend network reach

Our cloud ecosystem is always growing – with a choice of 120+ cloud on-ramps worldwide, our platform brings you closer to the public cloud.

We connect you to:


Enhance your cloud connectivity with direct connections to all of the world’s leading cloud providers.

Data Centres

Extend your network reach to more than 1,000 data centres in over 60 countries.                           

Business partners

Interconnect seamlessly with other business partners and services through MeetingPlace.                 

Internet Exchanges

Experience high-performance peering with some of the world’s leading Internet Exchanges.

internet on-demand

Access our leading business internet service whenever and wherever you need it.                    

Internet of things

Global IoT connectivity from edge to cloud, all managed and orchestrated by the Console Connect platform.

Why Choose Master Concept?

Our experts can help customers seamlessly deploy, manage, and expand their critical network connections in real time, all from a single, intuitive interface through the Console Connect Platform. This encompasses a range of capabilities, including Global IoT connectivity, Agile multi-cloud connectivity, and Remote peering with Internet Exchanges, as well as other features.

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