Okta is a trusted platform to secure every identity, from customers to the workforce, connects any person with any application on any device.

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identity management service

How it works?

Workforce Identity

The workforce identity provides full support for hybrid environments includes Single Sign-On, Universal Directory, API Access Management, etc to protect and secure your employees, contractors, and partners.

How It works?

Customer Identity

By building auth into any app, Okta helps to create secure, delightful experiences quickly. Enable frictionless registration and login for your apps.

Take these advantages

Why choose us?

15+ Years of Expertise

Master Concept partnered with Okta to help businesses manage their security for both workforce and customer. 

Seamless Migration

We provide deployment services and seamless data migration for your products.

24-7 Local Support - G suite

24/7 Local Support

We have support teams among Asia Pacific including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Beijing, Shenzeng and Hangzhou.


Flexible Payment Methods

We offer easy online & offline payment options denominated in local currency. You can even choose to wire transfer your payment to us. No credit cards required!


We provide training lessons and change management for your company to get used to the new working environment.

Master Concept

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Leave Us Your Message.
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