The CDP Built for Real-Time Personalization at Scale

Combine real-time data quality and governance protections with AI-powered insights and predictions in mParticle Customer Data Platform.

Over 150 enterprise brands as customers

Processes over 500 billion data points monthly

Increased customer LTV by 25% for top customers

Trusted by Innovative Companies of all Size:

Customer Stories


Channel And Partner Silos

Walled gardens, retention marketing tools, and personalization tools that aren’t connected create disjointed customer experiences.

Slow Time To Value

Having to rely on other teams to access data and build audiences slows down campaign execution and inhibits business success.

Wasted Money & Opportunity

Batch based systems miss the opportunities because they are too slow to help teams capitalize on opportunity when it presents itself.

Product Managers

Stale, Disconnected Data

Stale data, and disconnected data limits optimization of the customer journey in the moments that matter.

Changing Business Needs

The loss of 3rd party cookies, and the IDFA means teams need to adapt to a set of new realities.

Limited InsightsWhen data is not unified properly, teams cannot create the necessary insights to stay competitive.

Mparticle is all you need

Situations you may encounter in Digital marketing...


Too Much Vendor Code

A growing number of vendor SDK implementations means manual integration and heavy maintenance burden.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Disparate data streams with inconsistent formatting and business logic creates messy data and weak outcomes.

Increased Privacy Risk

Fragmented data streams make it difficult to manage consent and increase the risk of privacy missteps.

What Benefits Can mParticle Provide For You?


Best-in-class security, scalability, and reliability

Complete CDP

The most complete, purpose-built CDP


250+ integration with the most popular tools with GCP, AWS, One Signal

Flexible Pricing

Flexible pricing makes getting started much easier


Infrastructure CDP that scale along with your product


Best-in-class support and dedicated CSM to grow with your business

Feature Hightlight

Track Boost your Maketing Effort

drive growth and create the best experiences

  • Build a single view of the customer
  • Predict future outcomes and take action
  • Create real-time audiences
  • Design and analyze user journeys

create more relevant customer experiences with better data

  • Activate your best-of-breed stack
  • Break down data silos
  • Safeguard customer privacy
  • Explore your data with Journey Analytics

empower your organization with easier access to customer data

  • Easily ingest data from your web, mobile, OTT, or cross-platform app.
  • Define, correct, and enforce data standards with schema management and transformation tools.
  • Connect data and Integrate with 300+ marketing in real-time

Values that Master Concept Provide

Evaluation on how mParticle fit in your current tech stack

Professional Implementation team to ensure data accuracy

Onboarding services to ensure a smooth adoptaion of new technology

On-going support to help your team to utlize customer data to the fullest

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