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What is Master Planner?

Powered by Google Cloud and Google Maps Technology, Master Planner is a fleet management application developed by Master Concept’s team of Geospatial Engineers for fleet operators to efficiently optimized fleet-wide delivery plans without compromising speed, scale, and reliability. Leveraging Google Maps Platform Last Mile Fleet Solution and Cloud Fleet Routing together provides end-to-end coverage of planning and execution tasks.


Key Features Highlight

Intuitively assign shipment tasks from customer defined zones / territories

User-friendly UI to implement the business rules in the solver (Customization are welcomed)

Customizable dashboard to display business metrics and support decision making

Intuitive map-driven design to visualize all the shipment tasks and offer at-a-glance visibility.




Includes following features
USD$ 380 /month
  • Import of shipment task, warehouse and driver locations
  • Up to 6000 nos. of Shipment Task optimized
  • Route optimisation Reporting
  • 1 nos. of User Access
  • 5 x 8 Email Support


All the features from Basic, in addition to:
USD$ 870 /month
  • Task Matching API (Service Boundary Customization and Retrieval)
  • Up to 12000 nos. of Shipment Task distributed across regions and optimized
  • Shipment Task management
  • Warehouse management
  • Dashboard Visualization for Route Planning Metrics
  • 5 x 8 Online enquiries from our Geo-Support Engineers


All the features from Advanced, in addition to:
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  • Integrates with Last Mile Fleet Tracking solution including customized Fleet dashboards and metrics
  • Provides API access to the functions
  • Offers professional service from our Geospatial Specialist including:
  • Customization on specific business requirements
  • System integration with existing task / e-commerce platform
  • Monthly Usage reports
  • SLA Level of Support

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