Master Concept Becomes a Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner

Today, Leading Cloud Advisor Master Concept announced that it has become a Platinum HubSpot solutions partner. As a leading CRM platform, HubSpot works hand-in-hand with partner experts to grow their businesses through inbound software, services, and support.
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Master Concept Became Hubspot Platinum Partner

As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, Master Concept has rich practical market experience and Inbound marketing knowledge. It not only develops its own business through Inbound Marketing strategy, but also brings its core concepts and services to the APAC market.

As the pandemic affects global business models, digital transformation is required for companies in order to transfer customers painlessly from offline to online. Master Concept provides a range of services including digital marketing, web development, data analysis and customer relationship management using HubSpot’s CRM platform to help companies implement digital transformation successfully.

Hubspot APAC Official Reseller

“The Master Concept team has exhibited relentless tenacity in service excellence. This is evident with their high customer retention rate and it’s particularly exceptional given the global business climate due to the pandemic.” Aaron Soh, Head of Channel Sales, SEA, Greater China & India at HubSpot said, “The 2 founders – Derek and Dennis possess a growth mindset that empower the team to continuously learn, adapt and impart knowledge to their customers, partners and peers. It’s with great pleasure to congratulate the team for their achievements.”

HubSpot did not only propose the concept of Inbound Marketing, more importantly, it has launched a series of software tools that integrate the three major services of online marketing, sales, and customer service to help companies integrate the leads generated by marketing activities. The sales team will then convert the leads into customers, and the customer service team will have to retain the customers by after-sale services. All the steps above can be done on HubSpot CRM platform and this maximizes the value of Inbound Marketing.

“We are more than honored to become a HubSpot Platinum Partner. We have always valued our relationship with every partner. This Recognition proves that our expertise has helped customers to grow gradually, our team’s past achievements and substantial sales growth. Master Concept looks forward to continuing to help companies to build CRM and digital transformation in the future.” – Dennis Wong, the Director and Co-founder of Master Concept

Master Concept is an award-winning Cloud Consulting company dedicated to providing leading technology and cloud consulting services to improve customer experience for renowned brands. We have teams across the Asia-Pacific region to offer professional Cloud strategies, technical support and professional training for customers in various industries.

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