Managed Service Provider (MSP)

From IT Headaches to Business Breakthroughs: Let MSP Transform Your Technology Challenges into Strategic Advantages. At Master Concept, we strive to meet all of our customers’ needs by providing a wide range of comprehensive services

What is MSP?

Managed service provider (MSP) provide services including network monitoring, security management, data backup and recovery, software updates, and various technical support.

Master Concept's team is a group of delicated professionals who are committed to meet demands of digital transformation. We offer specialised expertise and customised services needed to manage and optimize complex IT systems in today's world.

Why do you need MSP?

Complex IT Environments induce segmented MSP needs

  • Inefficiencies and gaps in addressing complex business challenges at different stages of the business lifecycle
  • Need more than traditional IT infrastructure management, but a broader range of services (including cloud computing, cybersecurity, data analytics, AI/ML solutions, and strategic IT consulting)

Shortage of IT Manpower leads to outsourcing IT management

  • Limited capacity to accommodate future growth or expansion
  • Need to balance IT scalability with cost optimization and budget constraints
  • Lack of access to cutting-edge tools and expertise to drive digital transformation

We not only offer the BEST but ENHANCED MSP services!

Expert Administration, Proactive Monitoring, and Efficient Operation of Essential Services

CDN (Content Delivery Network) / WAF (Web Application Firewall)

End User Computing based on Zero Trust Security

Cloud Platform and Application Management

Cloud Continuously Monitoring and Assessment (CSPM and CWPP)

Continuously Assessments of M365 and Google Workspace

ITSM Workflow Management

Why is our MSP service so unique?

Solution 1 - CDN/WAF

We will handle the administrative and operational tasks for your CDN and WAF platform, proactively monitoring and executing the defined runbook in the event of any incidents.

Solution 2 - End User Computing based on Zero Trust Security

  • As per multiple security consultants and vendors, the zero trust framework Encompasses a broad spectrum of security categories and disrupts the traditional approach to managing security for on-premises networks.
  • In addition to project implementation and integration for zero trust, we provide MSP services for IAM (Identity and Access Management), MDM (Mobile Device Management), CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker), SWG (Secure Web Gateway), DLP (Data Loss Prevention), and other related areas.
  • From operation and administration point of view, we are covering user onboarding and offboarding, user behavior monitoring while using web or SaaS platforms, and continuous enhancement of security rule sets based on agreements with our customers.

Solution 3 - Cloud Platform and Application Management

  • Regular Patch Management: Following security governance guidelines to effectively handle regular patching for operating systems, applications, and cloud resources.
  • Backup Management: As backup is a crucial aspect of our MSP operations, we establish a set of controls to monitor and regularly test restore points to ensure that backups are successfully performed according to the defined schedule.
  • Cloud Services Monitoring: To ensure the stability of syetem and services, we establish a set of controls to monitor the system’s health and security, as well as boundary services across cloud platform.
  • Vulnerability Management: Adhering to the prescribed runbook for incidents of critical or high severity, and patching the system appropriately.

Solution 4 - Cloud Continuously Monitoring, Assessment, and fix issue

The terms CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) and CWPP (Cloud Workload Protection Platform) have gained popularity in organizations and enterprises due to the significant gap in understanding the architecture and security. To ensure effective management of the cloud platform, the security team will utilize these tools to govern cloud security, while the DevOps and Infrastructure team will oversee MSP operations. =

We will offer managed services to address issues identified by these tools, working collaboratively with each team to bridge any gaps.

Solution 5 - Continuously Assessments of M365

  • Based on Assessment Score with enabled services and Compliance Score with specific security posture such as CIS, Data Governance
  • Maintain an assessment score over 80% or above

Solution 6 - ITSM Workflow Management

  • Flow changes based on the business needs and transformation in a short period
  • Integrate with new systems for IT Assets Management and keeping the software and cloud resources up-to-date

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