Last Mile Fleet Solution (LMFS)

Deliver with the speed and scalability you expect, drawing on more than a decade of experience mapping the world at a global scale.

What's is LMFS?

Last Mile Fleet Solution is an integrated set of tools designed to help you better engage your customers, boost driver efficiency, and empower your fleet managers with new forms of analytics and optimization.

It is delivered with the speed and scalability you expect, drawing on more than a decade of experience mapping the world at a global scale.

What You May Encounter Now...

Consumers are driving innovation

  • Consumer expect fast, convenient, digital-to-physical, and seamless experience
  • Unprecedented demand for last mile delivery

Drivers are in high demand

  • Poor driver experience is a key reason for high churn
  • Up to 5% of all deliveries are sent to the wrong address
  • 20% Replacing a driver can cost 16-20% of their salary

Carriers and retailers are accelerating transformation

  • The largest ones are becoming vertically integrated, and traditional brands are buying third-party solutions.
  • Last mile can be the costliest part of shipping
    Inventory is moving closer to the last mile

Last Mile Fleet Solution Journey

LMFS ensure all user experience throughout the journey

Courier Experience

  • Improved efficiency, lower distraction
  • Real-time routing recommendations
  • Clear guidance for dropoff

Receiver Experience

  • Increased transparency and control
  • Orders predictably arrive at the right place at the right time

Fleet Operations & Optimization

  • More dynamic dispatching 
  • Respond to real-time conditions and ad hoc events
  • Real-time visibility into driver deviations and performance

Why Last Mile Fleet Solution

How Can We Help Your Business Grow

Help fleet operators create exceptional delivery experience

  • Capturing valid addresses
  • Optimizing delivery routes
  • Efficiently navigating drivers

Allow business to optimize across last mile delivery journey

  • Tracking shipment progress
  • Analyzing fleet performance

Reliable infrastructure

  • Scales with you as your business grows-all with predictable pricing per delivery

Success Story

Paack Logistics

To scale quickly, we adopted Last Mile Fleet Solution to enable our drivers and fleet managers to maintain peak efficiency and Go beyond our 98% on-time, first time delivery rates.

Olivier Colinet,
Chief Technology & Product Officer of Paack Logistics

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