Effortlessly Manage Google Workspace with the New Master Console Upgrade

Have you ever encountered the following problems in your daily work?

  • How to mass-delete emails sent by business colleagues?
  • How to bulk update messages in the organization?
  • How to set up automatic reminders for Google Workspace license remaining quantity?

Now, with the use of Master Console, all of these issues can be easily resolved. Master Console is an exclusive platform developed by Master Concept aimed at revolutionizing team management. Through Master Console, you can significantly save time while optimizing team communication, collaboration, and creativity. This advanced platform provides various features to meet your team’s needs, such as the ability to bulk delete emails and update messages in the organization. Additionally, you can set up automatic reminders for Google Workspace license balances to ensure your team always has sufficient authorized numbers.

At Master Concept, we understand the importance of efficient team management and effective communication. That’s why we’ve developed Master Console to help you streamline your workflow and achieve maximum productivity. Upgrade your team experience today and discover the difference that Master Console can make!”

Master Console Highlight Introduction

As a collaborative office platform exclusively developed by Ideamake, Master Console has brought numerous practical features that facilitate team administrators to work more efficiently and conveniently.

1. How to Efficiently Delete Bulk Corporate Email Records Sent by Members?

When sending emails, it’s common to make mistakes due to being rushed or other reasons, which can cause significant inconvenience during the daily work routine. However, with Master Console, all you need to do is find the Message ID of the email, contact the team administrator, and easily delete the email in Master Console, making it disappear from both the sender and recipient’s email. This is one of the major features of Master Console that provides users with a powerful guarantee of work efficiency and communication effectiveness, allowing for efficient work and a smooth communication experience.

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2. Delete or update a contact group

In a large team, managing contact groups for both enterprise administrators and users can be a complex task. However, Master Console now offers a brand new solution that enables administrators to quickly and easily delete all users’ contacts, such as deleting the email of a former employee. Additionally, with Master Console, it’s easy to use Google Sheets to manage contact groups for all enterprise domain users. These features not only help administrators improve their work efficiency but also better protect the team’s data security.

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3. Automated Notification of Remaining Amount

As your team expands, the number of Google Workspace users increases, making it increasingly difficult to manage authorizations effectively. This is where Master Console comes in handy. It can automatically query the remaining license quantity of different versions of Google Workspace, allowing you to clearly understand the usage of the entire team, enabling better management and decision-making. This can not only help administrators better control team costs but also ensure that all users have the necessary licenses, thereby improving the overall team efficiency and productivity.

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4. Implementing a policy of regular password updates

In terms of security in collaborative office platforms, Google Workspace has always been a highly reputable brand. Adopting advanced privacy protection technology, it can ensure the complete protection of your team’s data from external sources. With Master Console, you can not only prevent external data leaks but also enhance internal security to avoid unnecessary data breaches. This is of crucial importance for the privacy protection and data security of your team. This tool allows administrators to easily control employee permissions when sharing files and folders, and achieve enterprise-level data protection and security management.

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Why should you choose Master Concept to serve you with Google Workspace?

Master Concept is the first Google Cloud Premier Partner in Hong Kong and an excellent dealer of Google Workspace (G Suite) in the Asia-Pacific region. We possess professional certification in Google Cloud work transformation and were honored with the 2019 Google Cloud Global Annual Best Professional Partner Award, acknowledging our expertise in assisting enterprises with digital transformation and change management. We offer a variety of exclusive services to businesses, including:

  • Consultancy and POC Testing Application: When you begin to consider introducing Google Workspace, we offer consultancy and POC testing applications to help you understand the advantages and functions of the product. Through this stage, you can gain a clearer understanding of how Google Workspace can meet your needs and goals.

  • Early Deployment Planning: Our professional team will collaborate with you to carry out customized deployment planning to ensure the smooth deployment of Google Workspace. We will evaluate your network environment, requirements, and goals, and develop a feasible deployment plan for you.

  • Later Implementation and Email Migration Service: After completing the early deployment planning, we will provide comprehensive later implementation and email migration services. We will help you move existing emails, calendars, contacts, and other data to Google Workspace to ensure a seamless transition for your team and the integrity and security of your data.

  • Customized Education Courses: Our professional team will provide customized education courses to help your team become familiar with the various features and tools of Google Workspace quickly. This will help improve your team’s productivity and collaboration efficiency and ensure that your team can fully leverage all the advantages of Google Workspace.

  • Technical Support Services: During the deployment and use of Google Workspace, our professional team will be available to provide technical support services to resolve any issues you may encounter while using the product. Through this service, you can ensure that your team always operates smoothly and maintains high efficiency and security.

Comprehensive Technical Learning and Support By Professional Team

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