2023 Google Workspace price adjustment, what should you pay attention to?

Recently, Google Workspace announced that it will adjust the price of Google Workspace’s existing flexible plan and Google Workspace Enterprise Standard annual plan starting from April 11 2023. This adjustments depend on different subscription plans, products, and currencies. If you are currently subscribing to the existing Google Workspace plan or are thinking about it, you must read this article, so that you can quickly understand the latest plan information and what benefits you can enjoy by subscribing Google Workspace Enterprise Edition through Master Concept!

Key Point 1: 20% price increase for flexible plan

What is the Flexible Plan? This plan provides enterprises quantity adjustment options in response to different scales and changes in business needs. If you are using “Flexible Plan”, regardless of whether you have an annual contract or not, the price will be adjusted according to different currencies. There will be an increase of nearly 20% in terms of payment in US dollars. You can consult professional reseller about the pricing of the new flexible plan in order to make appropriate decisions.

(Table by Master Concept)

How can I know if my current Flexible Plan will subject to price increase on April 11th?

If your Google Workspace plan subjects to price changes, Google will notify the account super administrator 30 days in advance in the Admin Console. Therefore, not all accounts price will be adjusted immediately on April 11th. It depends on the status of Google Workspace accounts, Google Workspace will separately inform you in the Admin console when the price adjustment will take effect after April 11th.

Key point 2: The Google Workspace Enterprise Standard plan will also be subject to price changes

No worry if you have already subscribed to the Google Workspace Enterprise Standard annual/ contract plan through Master Concept. The price updates will not affect your current contract. However, all renewal activities after April 11, 2023 will be affected by the new pricing. Adjustments will be based on plan type, number of users and any existing discounts.

The price changes for all Google Workspace plans are provided below:

* Subscription prices will be effective from first renewal or April 11, 2023, depending on plan type, number of users and current discount
(Table By Master Concept)

Key point 3: Google or Reseller? What are the benefits?

Regarding the price increase of Google Workspace in 2023, we recommend enterprises consider to subscribe Google Workspace through resellers like Master Concept to obtain more price benefits and options. For the flexible plan, enterprises can enjoy more payment convenience by changing the annual contract to the reseller. Enterprises can lock exclusive discounts, as well as adding accounts any time for both flexible and annual contract plan.

You can’t obtain invoices that can be reimbursed by the enterprise through Google online credit card payment. Moreover, you can only use online support services by Google Workspace Enterprise Edition. With resellers support, you can enjoy instant assistance with local business, and keep tracking of your problems and speed up the efficiency of problem solving. When the Google Workspace account reaches a certain number of users, you can also strive for project discounts (for details, please contact Master Concept). It is worth mentioning that you can only subscribe to one single type of Google Workspace plan when you purchase with personal credit card. If you want to have some accounts upgraded ,the reseller can provide a hybrid plan for different plan for users (there is a threshold on the number of users, You can also consult Master Concept) to meet the needs of enterprises.

Exclusive services by Master Concept

Master Concept is Premier Google Cloud partner in APAC, and was awarded the Google Cloud – Work Transformation – Best Partner of the Year Award, and its achievements in assisting enterprises in digital transformation are highly recognized. Master Concept has assisted more than a thousand of enterprises across various sizes and industries to introduce Google Workspace to their business, and provides services such as consulting, technology introduction, data migration, and after-sales training to assist enterprises in their journey to the cloud. In addition, if there are more than 20 enterprise accounts, we can allow you to mix and match plans with different versions and quantities according to the individual needs of the enterprise itself. We assist enterprises to upgrade to the solution with the highest CP value in the shortest time!

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