Manage your Tech Debt
Save $5 trillion in the next 10 years

Technical debt is a serious concern for companies across industries and around the globe, putting a strain on IT staff and diverting critical resources from building new capabilities that are needed to compete. OutSystems surveyed IT leaders around the globe on the topic of tech debt to better understand challenges, initiate discussions leading to real-world solutions. Here are the results.

Combat Tech Debt in 4 Core Areas

System Modernization

Legacy systems that don’t perform like they once did and that are difficult to update and maintain are preventing business growth. Modernize these systems with technology built for change without facing tech debt in the future.

Workplace Innovation

Trying to update unintuitive systems, digitize paper-based processes, and package them up in a single application can really rack up the technical debt. Make it easier for devs to build and update a unified employee experience to keep your staff engaged and attract new talent without going into tech debt.

Process Automation

Rigid processes built around siloed departments are not conducive to creating and adding to applications that people in the field can use to serve customers effectively. Set your devs up for this constantly changing landscape with a platform for building flexible workflows efficiently.

Customer Experience

To offer a truly differentiated customer experience, your apps need to be loaded with features at every touchpoint. Instead of expecting devs to unscramble years of complex code to add chatbots and AI, give them what they need to build fast and modify faster.

OutSystems Platform

A full-stack low-code application development platform to help your company being agile

App Lifecycle Optimization

OutSystems simplifies and accelerates all the steps in the application lifecycle with state-of-the-art tools and industry-leading AI-powered automation.

Mission-Critical By Design

Want to scale an application built for a department to a million users? The OutSystems platform gives you the capability to do that.

Enterprise-Grade Security

OutSystems is built from the ground up to ensure applications are secure from design time through deployment and operations.

Use Case

Benefit from low code development platform

Outsystems is a prime example of an agile low code development platform. Companies have developed apps 70% faster. Imagine being able to develop applications within weeks instead of months or even a year. Here is an example.

What Outsystems edition is best for you?

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