IT Infrastructure Modernization

Build apps faster, reduce IT cost, and protect the most valuable assets.

What is IT Infrastructure Modernization

Many organizations today still rely on a variety of outdated and inefficient technology to run their business. However, as customer needs have changed and new technologies such as new application frameworks, mobile devices, the cloud, and ubiquitous connectivity requirements, finding ways to update and modernize these infrastructures has become paramount.

That’s why you need you modernize your IT infrastructure now!

5 Key Benefits of Infrastructure Modernization

You definitely need Infrastructure Modernization to…

Efficient Utilization of Human Capital

Create an Agile IT Team and Build Apps Faster

Ensure high availability/minimize downtime

Reduce Cost and Increase Revenue

Augment Security and Trust Among Customers



Maximize cloud resources to optimize cost

Easily find the most suitable combination and the best model on Google Cloud to effectively control operating costs and give full play to the localized network speed advantage of Google Cloud.

Multi-layered security

Google Cloud protect your data through progressive infrastructure layers that deliver defense-in-depth. Google Cloud’s adherence to data privacy and security standards has earned the trust of third-party auditors who attest that our infrastructure and operations keep user data more secure and compliant.

Designed for high availability

The data centers and network architecture are designed for maximum reliability and uptime. Companies workloads are securely distributed across multiple regions, availability zones, points of presence, and network cables to provide strong built-in redundancy and application availability.

Google Cloud meets your needs of different situations with powerful infrastructure

Customized solution for different scale of business to solve the pain points.

Virtual Machine

  • Compute Engine


  • Persistent Disk 
  • Filestore
  • Cloud Storage


  • Cloud Operations
  • Security Command Center


  • Cloud Interconnect 
  • Cloud VPN 
  • Cloud NAT 
  • Cloud CDN 
  • Cloud Load Balancing 
  • Cloud DNS

Security and Identity:

  • Cloud Key Management Services
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Identity-Aware Proxy
  • Cloud Identity
  • Firewall Insights

Step ahead with

Master Concept

As Google Cloud Premier Partner, Master Concept helps industries to migrate to the cloud.
Our service includes migration between clouds, on-premise to clouds, and leverage the experience of our professional services consultants and our proven implementation methodology.

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