Google Workspace

Enables you to uphold the highest level of collaborative strength no matter when and where

Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) is an enterprise-level cloud-based collaboration application software tool provided by Google. Its goal is to enable businesses to connect and synchronize anytime, anywhere, through any device, so that teams can easily improve productivity and efficiency.

Why Google Workspace
is your best choice for cloud collaboration?

Seamless cloud-based collaboration experience

Empower your team to work more efficiently and boost productivity!

Reduce the learning curve for your staff

With familiar tools, new hires can adapt to your company's collaboration environment faster!

Simple, no-code DevOps platform (appsheet)

Deployable in any environment and accessible to anyone for creating custom applications!

Sync with Outlook
data effortlessly

Painlessly integrate with your existing workflow and get up to speed quickly!

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Modern Workplace Revolution

Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365

Google Workspace provides the best tools for perfect collaboration.

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Google Workspace

Communicate, collaborate, and create with your team in the most effecient way possible

0 %
of spam, malware, and phishing emails are filtered

Google Workspace is built on a foundation of security – safeguarding your users, data, and devices from threats.

hours of communication costs and time are saved

Google Workspace enables your employees to work in the most efficient way, at any time and location.

0 %
of IT maintenance costs and time are saved

IT personnel are freed from server rooms and hardware maintenance, allowing them to focus on more critical work.

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third-party applications are available on Marketplace

Marketplace provides you with a variety of tools to enhance and expand Google Workspace across various fields.

Gmail/Google Meet/Share Drive/Admin FAQ

Is it possible to migrate emails from a different email server?

Yes, it is possible, but it will depend on whether the current mail server provides the function and form for exporting emails.

Is it possible to extend the meeting duration beyond the original one-hour limit for the paid version of Google Meet?

Yes, the meeting duration can be extended from the basic version's one-hour limit to a maximum of 24 hours to meet the collaboration and discussion needs of teams.

Is it possible to purchase Google Meet separately?

Google Workspace is a series of collaboration tools, and it is not possible to purchase individual tools separately. However, you can select different versions based on your specific needs.

Is it possible to set a storage limit for individual users in Google Workspace?

Yes, you can configure storage space for individuals or organizations through the ""Storage"" feature in the admin console.

See how we assist enterprises to enhance productivity with Google Workspace!

Create a unique travel experience through efficient and secure cross-border collaboration.

  • Reduce operating costs by 37%
  • Use Gmail to ensure smooth email delivery and reduce 50% of spam emails
  • Use Google Drive to support secure file access management
  • Provide a unified account login authentication mechanism that spans over 70 internal systems.

Google Workspace Pricing

Why Master Concept

Consultancy and POC Testing Application

Initial Deployment Planning

Post-Implementation Services

Customized Training Programs

Technical Support Services

Google Workspace APAC Premium Partner

Master Concept is the first Google Cloud Premier Partner in Hong Kong and an outstanding Google Workspace (G Suite) distributor in the Asia Pacific region. We are certified professionals in Google Cloud’s work transformation mode and have been honored with the 2019 Google Cloud Global Annual Best Professional Partnership Award, recognizing our expertise in helping businesses with digital transformation and change management.

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