Generative AI and Machine Learning

AI ​​/ ML model helps analyze and manipulate big data and convert your data into actionable insights with visual charts. Help your organization understand trends and outliers to make better, faster, and actuate decisions.

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Revolutionizing Business with Google's Enterprise AI

Google invented the Transformer architecture that powers Large Language Models in 2017. Large Models already power Cloud Al products, including Contact Center Al, Document Al, Natural Language Content Classification, and Google Search.

The Spectrum of AI Models And Use Cases

Predictive AI

Used to make predictions or classifications based on input data.

  • Trained using historical data and then applied to new data
  • The training data is unique and specific to the task that the model will be used for
  • Required data types: labeled data with input-output pairs, where the output is the target label or value

Generative AI

Creates new data based on patterns it has learned from training data.

  • Creates new images or textPre-training is done on a large general dataset and fine-tuned on a smaller, more specific dataset.
  • Unlabeled data, such as images, text, or audio is used to learn patterns and features
  • The model is able to generate new, unique data that it has not seen before

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Big Data Analytics

Get insight and prediction from data

Big data is the fundamental consequence of the new marketing landscape. The data can help you discover hidden patterns such as the way different groups of customers interact and how this leads to purchase decisions. Equipped with these insights, companies can then develop targeted marketing campaigns that cater to the customer’s individual preferences.

Text Analytics

extract and classify information from text

Text analysis allows companies to automatically extract and classify information from text, such as social media platform, emails, documents, support tickets, invoice, or survey responses. Popular advanced techniques include sentiment analysis, topic detection, and keyword extraction.

Social analytics/listening is one of the most critical customer service practices by using text analytics. This technique helps to extract specific information, like keywords, names, or company information. They may even want to categorize text with tags according to topic or viewpoint or classify it as positive or negative. You can gather the information and get feedback about your company from blogs and social media sites and analyzing it to help make business decisions.

Computer Vision

train computers to read visual effects

Computer vision is an AI model that trains computers to interpret and understand visual effects. By Using digital images, videos and deep learning models, the machines can accurately identify, classify, detect, clustering the objects and face recognition. It can also transfer the image into the texts and vice verse.

Computer vision can be used across industries to enhance the consumer experience, reduce costs and increase security.

For example. In manufacturing, businesses use computer vision to identify product defects in real time. As the products are coming off the production line, a computer processes images or videos, and flags dozens of different types of defects — even on the smallest of products.

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AI / ML Components in



BigQuery is a serverless, highly-scalable, and cost-effective cloud data warehouse with an in-memory BI Engine and AI Platform built in.

Cloud BigTable

A petabyte-scale, fully managed NoSQL database service for large analytical and operational workloads.

Cloud Pub/Sub

Ingest events at any scale,Simplify development of event-driven micro services.

Cloud Storage

Unified object storage for developers and enterprises. You can choose your location type based on redundancy and performance needs.

Cloud Dataprep

An intelligent cloud data service to visually explore, clean, and prepare data for analysis and machine learning.

Cloud Composer

A fully managed workflow orchestration service built on Apache Airflow.

AI Platform

Create your AI applications once, then run them easily on both GCP and on-premises. Take your machine learning projects to production.

Cloud AutoML

Train high-quality custom machine learning models with minimal effort and machine learning expertise.

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