The Best ITIL-compliant ticket system,

provides a systematic flow for corporate employees or external customers to submit requests, and automatically execute services such as repair requests and asset applications.

Resolve all the problems you are facing now...

Imagine how chaotic it is when the IT personnel need to sort out employee requests manually as the information is scattered around

Without a good ITSM tool it's not easy to prevent recurring common problems

Employees do not have a suitable channel to submit requests

Expensive, complicated structure and pricing opaque, longer implementation period ITIL tools

What makes FRESHSERVICE so special?


Enterprise employee self-service desk

  • Optimize internal processes and improve overall operations
  • Self-service desk allows users to submit request, apply for various needs, view knowledge base articles, and check on review progress

Service Catalog

  • Optimize user experience
  • Visualize the software and hardware assets/service items that can be applied for, and let users directly choose items by adding to the cart
  • Respond and solve problems faster, reduce downtime, and deliver a superior employee experience through robust workflows

Knowledge base

  • Optimize customer experience
  • Organize common problems into articles to assist customers in finding answers to resolve their problems

Multi-channel support

  • Provide users with higher convenience
  • In addition to the front-end, users can also submit tickets from Email, Slack, and Teams, and the needs of each channel can be integrated into the back-end

Workflow automation

  • Substantially reduce the human work of processing specialists
  • Create standard project templates for agile projects or waterfall project that allow your team to automate project schedules to increase efficiency
  • Design various automated processes in a drag-and-drop manner, and automate most of the manual work through trigger conditions


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Pricing Plan


Perfect for small team

$ 19 /agent/month, billed annually


Intuitive, industry-leading support for growing businesses
$ 49 /agent/month, billed annually


Advanced automation for high performance
$ 95 /agent/month, billed annually


Fully featured with bots for enterprise-level support
$ 119 /agent/month, billed annually

Master Concept - Preferred Agent in Taiwan

Master Concept is the first and the only Freshworks agent in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and China. As Freshworks’ one and only agent in Asia Pacific Area, we help enterprises streamline and optimize their customer service workflows.

Freshworks is not only a Saas with the most Gartner five stars comments, but also highly recognized by many renowned brands in the world.

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