Freshdesk Messaging

Stop keeping your customers waiting! Introducing chatbots that allow you to respond to a large number of customer inquiries instantly

Resolve all the problems you are facing now...

When customers have doubts, but their doubts cannot be resolved immediately,
customers' purchase intentions reduce

Low rate of interaction with customers,
loyalty cannot be improved

Page dwell time is too short

Revenue cannot be broken

What makes FRESHDESK MESSAGING so special?

Improve your customer service in a much easier way

Auto-reply bot

  • Improve customer inquiries and reduce customer service staff workload
  • Interact with your customers through pre-trained bots

Integrate multi-channel messages

  • Improve work efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Integrate Line, messenger, Whatsapp, official website chat box and other messages

Knowledge base

  • Optimize customer experience
  • Organize common problems into articles to assist customers in finding answers to resolve their problems
  • Saving your specialists’ and customers’ time by automatically popping out of relevant solutions to customers

All-in-one analysis report

  • Rich data reserouces
  • No more manual work, directly apply various built-in reports that’s export-ready

Open-source API

  • High integration flexibility
  • Hundreds of built-in Apps can be downloaded and expanded directly, and multiple data integration can be achieved through API

Pricing Plan


21 Days Free Trial
$ 0 Up to 10 agents

Get going for free


Intuitive, industry-leading support for growing businesses
$ 19 /agent/month, billed annually

Everything in Free and…


Advanced automation for high performance
$ 49 /agent/month, billed annually

Everything in Growth and…


Fully featured with bots for enterprise-level support
$ 79 /agent/month, billed annually

Everything in Pro and…

Master Concept - Preferred Agent in Taiwan

Master Concept is the first and the only Freshworks agent in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and China. As Freshworks’ one and only agent in Asia Pacific Area, we help enterprises streamline and optimize their customer service workflows.

Freshworks is not only a Saas with the most Gartner five stars comments, but also highly recognized by many renowned brands in the world.

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Leave Us Your Message.
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