All-in-one Cloud Remote Call Solution
Freshdesk Contact Center

Make it easy for your agents to provide customer service with high quality voice call in Freshdesk Contact Center.

No missed calls, lower wait time, and

always stable connection

Freshdesk Contact Center (formally Freshcaller) is a minimum-fuss, maximum-delight voice platform for your business.

Easy to set up

Create a cloud contact center for your business to handle any call anywhere. Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) or purchase numbers from 90+ countries.

Work at anytime and anywhere

Empower remote customer support team and sales team to collaborate in real-time. Leaders can monitor volumes and track important call and conversation remotely.

how Freshdesk Contact Center helps you?

Discover why

Freshdesk Contact Center
Is unique

Scale up with shared lines

Share one phone number across multiple users and answer incoming calls from any phone, anywhere.

Custom Ticket Status |Freshdesk Authorised Reseller in APAC

Call queue management

Set up call queue to receive callers in streamlined manner, distribute your call load equally.

Record your calls

Call recording, call storage, and call logs for every customer call for monitoring and training purposes.

Supervise with real-time dashboard

View call queues, agent availability information, and ongoing calls anytime anywhere.

Intelligent Ticket Assignment |Freshdesk Authorised Reseller in APAC

Route calls to voicemail

Customize your voicemail greetings, route after-hours call to voicemail.

Automate your call distribution

Delight your customers with fast responses by routing calls to the right agents.

Offer callback with virtual hold

Give your customers the option to request for a callback instead of making them wait online until get upset.

Agent Collision Detection|Freshdesk Authorised Reseller in APAC -Freshdesk Authorised Reseller in APAC

Track and report performance

Effectively analyze the overall performance based on call details and status with real-time data.

Two Ways to Configure it

1. Direct Purchase mobile number/ Toll Free number

You can make and receive calls in Freshdesk Contact Center by purchasing phone numbers and call credits.

Check the incoming & outgoing call rates here.


2. Use Local office number

Bring your Own Carrier (BYOC) allows you to use office Number through Sip Forwarding. (Connect With Us And We Can Works That For You)

How does it work And How Does It Charge?

FeaturesCharges (USD per minute)
Calls recording 


Transcribe voicemail 0.004
I. Monitor phone calls
Ii. Add agents on conference call
Iii.Agents attend calls on theri SIP


Why Master Concept?

a Preferred reseller

of freshworks

Master Concept is the first and only preferred Freshworks reseller in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Taiwan and China. As both Preferred and authorised Freshworks reseller in Asia Pacific, we help businesses to streamline and optimize their customer service workflow.

Master Concept Authorised Reseller of Freshworks

Pricing Plan

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