Modernizing your Apps with Google Anthos, GKE and Prisma Cloud for DevSecOps

In this two-hour session, app development and security leaders would learn how to manage and power apps on GKE and VMs anywhere and even more securely with Prisma Cloud. This integrated solution could help you empower your team to build a safer and faster app lifecycle in the multi-cloud environment.

Organizations can be challenged by the complexity of Kubernetes and its potentially large attack surface. With Google Cloud, Palo Alto and Master Concept, you can better power your modern applications, while also simply the development process.

How is it made possible?

Anthos enables you to manage GKE clusters and workloads running on VMs across environments. 

Together with Prisma Cloud, you get to modernize your security for cloud deployments with built-in visibility of what’s going on. Security risks can also be mitigated with governance on the cloud landing zone and making informed decisions with accurate recommendations and remediations. 

Session Overview

Part 1: Application Modernization with Google Anthos and Google Kubernetes Engine

Part 2: Palo Alto’s Prisma Cloud integrates security throughout the software development life cycle

  • Use case sharing on
    • Multi-cloud service deployment and monitoring
    • Continuously detect and remediate misconfigurations from build time to runtime
  • Demo: Securing Google Anthos and Google Kubernetes in Multi Cloud with Prisma Cloud 

Mark your calendar!

📅 Date: 19 December, 2022

Time: 15:30 – 17:30 (Registration opens at 15:00)

📍 Venue: HK Google Office, Causeway bay, Times Square 

📣 Language: Cantonese / English


– Pre-registration only. The seats are first-come-first-served. 

– A confirmation email will be sent to you once your seat is confirmed. 



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