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2023 what's Next: Smart mobility is the
new future for better fleet management

What is this about?
As COVID 19 reversed the market’s expectation and demand for “delivery”, the easing of the epidemic has still not reduced consumers’ reliance for faster e-commerce.

Many retailers/super retailers have started to create their own delivery service to meet customers’ “instant” demand. This indicated that logistics and distribution need to meet larger amount of orders quickly and safety in the case of rising transport costs. This is why optimizing fleet management operations and the driver experience is an urgent priority for the industry to accelerate the transformation.

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Now is the era for sharing economy
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【How customer expectation change mobility】

  • Online shopping boost “Instant shopping delivery” for retail and delivery industry
  • Smart Logistic is the future trend and also the key to realize fast delivery
  • Facing changing logistics business model and Increasing fleet delivery cost

【How should business respond?】

  • Google Maps smart mobility improves your fleet management
  • ODRD makes fast delivery possible at any time and place
  • LMFS breaks through the path limit to achieve sustainable logistics

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