Reindustrialization and Technology Training Programme (RTTP)

HK$500,000 subsidy for applying course by MC Cloud Computing Academy. 

What is RTTP?

Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP) is a funding scheme under the Innovation and Technology Fund that subsidises local companies on a 2:1 matching basis to train their staff in advanced technologies, especially those related to “Industry 4.0”. Each company is subject to a funding ceiling of HK$500,000 in each financial year.

Funding Up To
$ 0


  • Registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance
  • Non-government and non-subvented organization
  • The employee nominated is a Hong Kong permanent resident with the necessary
  • Background / experience relevant to the advanced technology

Training Courses Supported

Public Courses

They are open to the public for enrolment. Applications for course registration should be submitted by course providers. Check our registered RTTP public courses in Course List.

Tailor-made Courses

They are designed for a particular company (or companies). Application for course approval should be submitted by the concerned company together with the training grant application. Contact Us to have tailor-made course for your company.

How To Apply?

Companies interested in applying for training grant for their employee(s) to attend registered public courses should submit the application via online system at least two weeks before course commencement. Alternatively, application form could be submitted to. the Secretariat in person, by post, by fax or by email together with supporting documents. The training grant applications submitted by companies for registered public courses will be vetted and approved by the Secretariat. For detail, please refer to Guidance Notes for Companies.

For tailor-made courses, companies should apply for course approval and training grants in one go.

Late applications may not be processed and may be returned to the applicant. 

Identify relevant training courses for employees

Submit application form with supporting documents to the Secretariat at least two weeks before the commencement of training

Vetting by Secretariat

Receive confirmation letter from the Secretariat

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