The Lesser Known Benefits of a Customer Support Software

When it comes to the customer service industry, one of the most useful tool is a good customer service software. Now, the most obvious reason for this is how a helpdesk software improves an agent’s efficiency. This is because the software organizes the tickets an agent receives and expedites the response process. One of the most obvious advantages gained by using a customer support software which you can track the status of a ticket. There are quite a few more things which you can do with it though.

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1. Avoid All the Problems Older Methods Hold

When it comes to the days before helpdesks were a thing, agents used a shared inbox to receive and respond to support issues. However, this had its fair share of failings. For instance, a support agent could cherry pick a particular support issue or customer query and avoid the others. Another common problem was when emails arrived in a large influx, it was easy to miss out on customer complaints. Moreover, the same complaint may sometimes have multiple agents working on it, leading to confusion and a wastage of time.
A helpdesk seamlessly slices through all these issues by assigning tickets to agents in an unbiased manner. This improves your support staff’s efficiency as well as your customer’s experience.
It can also prioritize your incoming tickets depending on urgency and predefined criteria. This level of customization which the agent can use to make their life easier is what makes a helpdesk software so useful for a company.

2. Motivate Your Agents To Perform Better With Gamification

When it comes to answering customer queries all day, monotony can set in for your agents. To prevent this, some helpdesk softwares like Freshdesk make the process of dealing with tickets more interesting for the agent. This is done by giving points to successfully resolving queries for instance. Now, there is a spirit of healthy competition which has been channeled through the workplace, as well as additional motivation in the form of rewards which can be offered to the best performers.

3. Integrate Your Existing Communication Channels Into One Software
With the variety of communication channels which a customer can use to contact a company, it can be difficult to keep track of queries. However, a helpdesk software can streamline all these various channels into one screen. This will make your agent’s life significantly less complicated. The software should also be easy to use for both the customer and the agent. This sort of omnichannel approach can improve your response times and help you keep track of your customers and their tickets as well.
You can see the different sources of tickets next to the names of the customers in the below image- whether it is the web portal, the phone, or via email.

4. Look At The Numbers To Understand Your Business
Helpdesks such as Freshdesk come with a set of metrics and analysis tools which you can use to understand your company and its performance better. These provide reports and graphs for a variety of criteria you may need, be it individual agent performance, tickets received over time, first response rate, and resolution rates, to name a few. Features like team dashboards also cue you in onto the performance of your support as well as your product’s pros and cons. It’s like having your very own version of Google Analytics inside the helpdesk.
A good helpdesk also has a guide to help you comprehend these reports and thus, can ensure that your support division is always performing at its peak.

5. Ensure Your Customers Are Taken Care Of, Always
There may be times when the continuity of your business is disrupted due to offservice, natural disasters and emergencies, or simple maintenance. In these situations, a self service portal can be useful along with the forums if a customer has an issue. A helpdesk can also show a message on the company’s website explaining the issue.
This can ensure they aren’t angry about a possible delay in getting a response to their ticket. It can also reduce a flood of tickets when the servers are down for maintenance or downtime.
For instance, during the Chennai Floods of 2015, more than 50% of the employees of Freshworks were unreachable and considerably less than those were present in the office. However, business continued as usual for customers because we had set up a strong self service portal. Customers were able to find solutions quickly without having to worry about delayed responses.

To wrap up, a good customer service software is worth every cent thanks to the massive potential it holds to revolutionize your business. It can improve your agents’ knowledge, provide you with essential stats about your product and company, and make your customer’s service experience hassle-free.

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