Master Concept Receives Okta Asia Partner of Quarter Q1 FY22

Okta Asia Partner of Quarter

Master Concept is more than honored to be recognized as Okta Asia Partner of the Quarter for Q1 FY22. This Recognition proves our expertise in Identity and Access Management, our team’s past achievements and substantial sales growth. We look forward to continuing to help companies to secure their workspace and improve customer experience in the future.

What is Okta?

Okta is the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise. The Okta Identity Cloud enables organizations to securely connect the right people to the right technologies at the right time. With over 7,000 pre-built integrations to applications and infrastructure providers, Okta customers can easily and securely use the best technologies for their business. More than 10,000 organizations, including JetBlue, Nordstrom, Slack, T-Mobile, Takeda, Teach for America and Twilio, trust Okta to help protect the identities of their workforces and customers.

Why Okta? 

The pandemic has accelerated the need for identity verification in digital channels. Due to the high priority in ensuring secured remote access and the increased protection needed around digital transformation initiatives, a reliable Identity and Access Management solution is crucial for organizations to stay in business and minimize the impact of COVID-19. 

By harnessing the power of the cloud, Okta allows millions of users to instantly access work applications on any device at any time. Okta also helps IT leaders to control with certainty whether or not those connections are trusted and secure.

Why choose Master Concept? 

Master Concept is one of the premium partners of Okta in APAC. This year,  Master Concept has been helping with renowned universities and customers in the FSI industry in Asia to bring them into Okta’s Identity Cloud. With our high expertise in Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solution, we contributed a great success to our valued customers by tailoring their offerings to provide superior value in their business, including simplifying the identity verification process among different applications with high security standards and securing the digital workspace. 

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