Master Concept joins Equinix Reseller Ecosystem

Master Concept announces it is now an Equinix Asia Pacific Partner delivering solutions from Interconnection for Hybrid Infrastructure, Multicloud Interconnection to Global Peering Solution and more.

Hong Kong (16 Jul, 2021) – Master Concept is pleased to announce the joining of the Equinix reseller ecosystem at the sliver level. As a provider of technology services and cloud advisory to improve customer experience for the world’s leading brands, Master Concepts brings 15+ years of cloud transformation experience with deep expertise in cloud strategy, implementation and integration support, as well as training and platform enhancements for businesses across all industries.

With 100+ cloud specialists armed with 20+ technical and professional certifications, Master Concept is adept in designing turnkey solutions to enable continuous digital modernization to empower digital transformation journeys. Businesses leverage Platform Equinix to gain hybrid and multicloud advantages by building an interconnected digital infrastructure to fuel successful business outcomes. As an Equinix reseller, Master Concept provides leading onboarding training, configuration and implementation services to ensure the successful deployment of Equinix’s solutions to empower businesses’ business transformation journeys.

Overcoming Covid-19 Disruptions and Security Concerns with a Hybrid/Multicloud Infrastructure

As COVID-19 continues its disruptive impact across the world, businesses need to adapt to remote working as the new norm. The need to better facilitate a remote digital workplace requires businesses to align and adapt their corporate and operational infrastructures in order to gain the agility, flexibility and cost efficiencies offered by cloud technologies. With more businesses looking to distribute their workloads across multiple cloud environments with myriad strengths, it has accelerated the adoption of multicloud infrastructure to better optimize costs and mitigate risks.

Platform Equinix brings together one’s digital infrastructure, helping businesses place their digital infrastructure anywhere across the world on a highly resilient and secure platform with secure interconnections from Cloud to Cloud and between Cloud and On-Premises. Enabling low-latency performance, businesses are assured of seamless, direct and on-demand connections to effectively support work-from-home practices, while ensuring secure remote access to cloud solutions and operational systems. 

With cybersecurity threats becoming more unrelentless during the pandemic, businesses remain vulnerable as high-profile ransomware such as WannaCry and other security breaches continue to occupy the headlines. To avoid devastating legal ramifications often amounting to millions in losses, businesses need to strengthen their security posture by gearing up with technologies such as secure remote access, which has become a top-of-mind concern during the pandemic. 

Companies from BFSI and Enterprises have leveraged Equinix’s leading platform to empower global secured and high-performance connectivity. With Equinix Interconnection solutions, businesses enable global access to their cloud systems while ensuring that compliance requirements are met with critical data kept on-premises via a hybrid cloud. 


“Becoming an Equinix partner is very exciting news for us. We have closely evaluated Equinix’s solutions, and we are proud to say we believe Equinix products are top-notch and developed with customer experience in mind and to meet today’s security compliance standards as well as aligning the businesses usual pain points in the market.” quotes Derek Chan, Director & Co-Founder of Master Concept.

“We are thrilled to partner with Master Concept, one of Asia-Pacific’s leading technology advisors and managed service providers. We believe this partnership will benefit our customers greatly as we help them juggle the increasingly difficult challenges of balancing IT and data security, while ensuring productivity. We look forward to making this partnership a great success and taking both companies to greater heights.” quoted Larry Tam, Managing Director, Equinix Hong Kong. For more information about Equinix and how we can benefit and empower your business, please visit:


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