Google rebrands its productivity tools, G Suite is now Google Workspace

Google just announced a big rebranding and redesign for its productivity tools, G Suite today, rebranding with a new name: Google Workspace and making its products Gmail, Docs, Meet, Sheets, and Calendar more integrated with one another to catch up the trend of remote work by introducing new features, including:

  1. Start a video call right in the document
  2. Able to create and collaborate on a document with guests in a Chat room
  3. Preview a linked file without having to open a new tab

 The new features within Google Workspace will first be available to paying business users and then are expected to roll out to the public in the upcoming months.

G Suite is now Google Workspace

With the new features rolling out, Google is also changing its pricing with new tiers to help businesses of different sizes. For those companies with 300 employees or less, its bottom tier of service is called the business starter which is designed for SMB, it offers employers corporate emails for $6 per user but limited cloud storage. 

Google Workspace New Pricing Table

The other tiers offer large corporations different levels of support and features e.g. unlimited storage, enterprise-grade administration controls, advanced security and a suite of productivity features. 

Master Concept will be sharing details about Google Workspace coming days with the new features, suggestions and comparison with the other productivity tools. If you have any questions on your existing plan and features, please contact your account manager directly or email at [email protected]

Master Concept

Master Concept is one of the most trusted Google Workspace Premier Partner in Asia Pacific. We helped over 1,000 businesses transform to a digital workplace with Google Workspace (previously named G Suite) by offering account setup, email and data migration, local support and on-site training. 


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