Google Maps Platform – ODRD ? Learn its 5 main features

ODRD provides accurate location data to ensure every driver/passenger enjoys a professional and safe ride. Furthermore, it solves the challenges in transportation, logistics and particularly pain points of ride requesting platform developers. 

Why does Google Maps provide the ODRD solution?

In the era of Sharing Economy, new transportation services, such as requesting a ride, sharing a ride, and vehicle rental platforms, are gradually on the rise and rapidly gaining momentum on the market. The masses are starting to get used to or even prefer the above moving mode for a more convenient transportation experience. But as more and more competitors enter the business resulting in market saturation, consumers and drivers are now given more choices. At the same time, fleet companies have to face the predicament of low brand loyalty and high fleet turnover.  

On the strength of its 15 years experience of in in-depth applications and understanding of mapping location intelligence, Google Maps Platform hopes to help more fleet companies improve their operation and user experience through its “On-demand Rides & Deliveries” solution (ODRD), which provides accurate location of drivers and customers throughout their rides, plus a faster and more accurate ride ordering service.

Five challenges faced by the current market of transportation services:

  1. The gap between the address entered by the customer and the actual pick-up/delivery location.
  2. Fail to take into account the real-time traffic conditions and the safest/shortest order pick-up/delivery route.
  3. Companies find it challenging to dispatch a suitable fleet and take the shortest route to arrive at the pick-up/delivery location.
  4. Discrepancies in map positioning take up more time and effort for drivers to complete an order.
  5. The lack of real-time data updates and transmission within the fleet causes drivers huge inconvenience.

ODRD’s five major core features

The ODRD solution provides accurate location data (including pickup positioning, real-time confirmation of passengers/vehicles’ location, and tracking) to ensure every driver/passenger enjoys a professional and safe ride. The ODRD solution effectively solves the challenges in transportation, logistics and particularly pain points of ride requesting platform developers (ex: Uber), in driving, riding sharing, and fleet management. 

I. ODRD Assisted Journey & Order Planning

The use of a global service built into Google’s address database reduces code delivery failures on the part of companies. Features such as automatic recognition of language switch and address input methods enable consumers to speed up order planning and obtain the most accurate positioning for each order. The Place Autocomplete API offers consumers a simpler and faster check-out experience, reducing the entire check-out procedure by 64% and increasing the order conversion by 15%. The Ge-coding API lowers delivery failures and cuts down time spent on locating unknown addresses. The newly added Address Validation API provides more specific address location verification (e.g., apartment numbers) to supplement more location information.   

II. ODRD Personalized location selection

Using a global service built into Google’s address database can also enhance the accuracy of positioning and avoid meetup location errors so that both consumers and drivers are spared the time wasted on communicating where to meet up. In addition to the Hyperlocal Maps, the Location Selection API provides customers and pickup/delivery drivers with a clearer direction to the location. Regarding landmarks or buildings with multiple entrances and exits, it allows customers to target one single specific entrance/exit, rather than merely locating the very center of the building.  

III. ODRD Smart pairing of nearest/fastest drivers

The more accurate ETA-oriented delivery dispatch will automatically update the real-time location of the driver’s vehicle and quickly match the available fleet closest to the pickup/delivery location by calling an API. This will improve the driver’s arrival time by 20% and the order completion time by 3%. Moreover, the Routes Preferred APIs incorporate more parameters of vehicle heading direction and traffic control to accurately estimate the driver’s arrival time on a certain route, which will effectively reduce the gap between the App estimation and the driver’s actual arrival time at the pickup/delivery location for improved customer satisfaction.

 IV. ODRD Best route recommendation 

Incorporating Google Maps into a company’s fleet App will not only save fleet drivers from switching between different Apps but also raise the brand’s professional image and provide a safer ride for the customer. The ODRD solution will recommend the most time-saving routes based on real-time traffic conditions and accurately estimate the driver’s arrival time according to route diversion and speed. Also, Google Maps will follow the brand’s customized UI interface and coach new drivers to get familiar with the fleet App to retain drivers and control driver turnover during the peak season.   

V. Journey & Order Tracking

The ODRD solution offers complete progress sharing of the booked journey to make sure customers will have a smooth riding experience and remain highly satisfied with the service. Consumers are given a clear view of the driver’s location, ETA, route, order progress on the software system platform, which will also display and handle cases of the driver deviating from the recommended route or consecutively getting lost. Such a transparent route display will increase customers’ trust toward the brand and the entire journey, thus shaping a brand image of safety and reliability and strengthening customers’ brand loyalty. 

ODRD Conclusion

Google Maps is committed to launching the brand-new ODRD solution to ensure that all parties involved in the fleet service will duly execute his/her duty and enjoy the service provided. That is, Google Maps will help companies manage their fleet operations more effectively, assist drivers with their driving navigation experience, and provide customers with more smooth rides. Responding to high expectations and demand for “on-time deliveries” in transportation services, the ODRD solution emphasizes that fleet companies will be able to complete orders with precision, given the time constraints.   

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