Google Cloud Next 2024 Wrap-Up & Recaps

Explore transformative advancements at Google Cloud Next 2024, where generative AI’s rapid evolution takes center stage. Delve into this comprehensive guide covering the latest developments in AI and machine learning, infrastructure enhancements, and significant security upgrades. Stay informed and ahead in your industry with our in-depth analysis of the pivotal announcements from Google Cloud Next 2024.

Unveiling Cutting-Edge Innovations at Google Cloud Next 2024

Vertex AI: Empowering Enterprises with Diverse AI Models

Google reasserts its commitment to enterprise innovation through Vertex AI, offering a vast selection of models tailored to business needs. Over one million developers harness generative AI on Vertex AI and AI Studio, featuring Google’s advanced Gemini 1.5 Pro, the open-source Gemma, and Anthropic’s Claude 3. Discover how these models facilitate expansive, specific data processing, enhancing enterprises’ capabilities in areas such as video analysis and claims processing. Gemini 1.5 Pro is now on public preview, with its groundbreaking capability to handle a 1 million-token context window.

Here’s what’s new on Vertex AI:

  • Google Cloud launched its most capable AI model, Gemini 1.5 Pro, in a public preview.
  • Gemini 1.5 Pro can process 1 million tokens of information and understand long contexts. This allows enterprises to do new things with AI, like video analysis with tips or combining data for easier claims processing.
  • Gemini 1.5 Pro on Vertex AI now supports the ability to process audio streams including speech, and even the audio portion of videos. 
  • A new open model Gemma is available for code generation and assistance.
  • CodeGemma is adding to Vertex AI, a new model from our Gemma family of lightweight models.
  • Vertex AI offers two new ways to augment and ground models: using Google Search for high-quality information and connecting to enterprise data sources.
  • Imagen 2.0, the family of image generation models, can now be used to create short, 4-second live images from text prompts. 

Imagen 2.0: Elevating Creative Expression with Advanced AI

Imagen 2.0, powered by Google DeepMind, offers a suite of advanced image editing tools that enhance creative possibilities. With inpainting and outpainting, you can fill in missing parts of an image or extend its borders creatively. The platform also includes digital watermarking capabilities, using SynthID technology to embed invisible watermarks that ensure image authenticity.

Additionally, Imagen 2.0 allows for the creation of short, 4-second live animations from text descriptions, enabling users to visualize and animate scenes described in text, bringing ideas to vivid life.

Source: Imagen 2.0 on Vertex AI: Text-to-live image

Integrating Generative AI Across Google Cloud Services with Gemini

Google proudly introduces Gemini across its Cloud services, revolutionizing productivity with AI-enhanced capabilities. This next-generation AI assistant empowers developers, streamlines coding unlocks deeper data insights, and equips teams to navigate security hurdles – all within your existing Google Cloud environment. Backed by Google’s robust Gemini family of models, Gemini for Google Cloud unlocks a new level of productivity and efficiency for your cloud workflows.

Source: Powering Google Cloud with Gemini

Here’s a closer look at what’s new across various Gemini applications:

  • Gemini Code Assist, formerly the Duet AI for Developers, helps cloud teams design, operate, and optimize their application lifecycle.
  • Gemini in Security Operations, generally available at the end of this month, converts natural language to new detections, summarizes event data, recommends actions to take, and navigates users through the platform via conversational chat. 
  • Gemini in BigQuery, in preview, enables data analysts to be more productive, improve query performance and optimize costs throughout the analytics lifecycle.
  • Gemini in Looker, in private preview, provides a dedicated space in Looker to initiate a chat on any topic with your data and derive insights quickly.
  • Gemini in Databases, also in preview, helps developers, operators, and database administrators build applications faster using natural language; manage, optimize and govern an entire fleet of databases from a single pane of glass; and accelerate database migrations.

Google Axion: Pioneering Performance with Custom Arm-based CPUs

Google is enhancing its cloud computing capabilities by introducing custom Arm-based processors named Google Axion, which will be available for preview in the coming months. These processors are designed to integrate Google’s silicon design expertise with the high-performance CPU cores from Arm, aiming to provide up to 30% better performance than the current fastest general-purpose Arm-based instances in the cloud. Additionally, they offer up to 50% improved performance and 60% greater energy efficiency compared to similar x86-based instances.

Source: Introducing Google Axion Processors, our new Arm-based CPUs

Google has already begun utilizing the current generation of Arm-based servers for its services, such as BigTable, Spanner, BigQuery, Blobstore, Pub/Sub, Google Earth Engine, and the YouTube Ads platform. Plans are in place to expand the deployment of these and other services using Axion processors.

Developed using the Arm Neoverse™ V2 CPU, Axion processors are tailored for a variety of general-purpose workloads, including web and application servers, containerized microservices, open-source databases, data analytics, and media processing, as well as CPU-intensive AI training and inferencing tasks.

Revolutionizing Productivity with Google Workspace Enhancements

Google Workspace continues to lead in productivity solutions, now serving over 3 billion users and 10 million paying customers. Hundreds of new features and enhancements were introduced in the past year, including Gemini for Workspace, an AI agent integrated into Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc. 70% of enterprise users using the “Help me write” feature in Docs or Gmail adopt Gemini’s suggestions. Over 75% of users who create images in Slides use them in their presentations. Here are updates to the next level of work efficiency:

Google Workspace is introducing a new AI-powered video creation tool called Vids. This all-in-one app assists with writing, production, editing, and even creating a video. Vids allow users to edit a generated storyboard, choose a style, and then automatically suggest scenes with stock footage, images, and background music. It even helps with narration by offering preset voiceovers or the option to record your own.

Vids integrates seamlessly with other Workspace apps and offers a user-friendly interface for secure collaboration and project sharing directly from your web browser. This exciting tool is expected to launch in Workspace Labs in June.

Workspace users can already enable translated captions in their chosen language during video calls, enhancing global communication in Meet. Starting in June, the ‘Translate for me in Meet’ feature will automatically convert captions to a user’s preferred language, expanding caption translation support to include 52 additional languages, totaling 69 languages supported.

Additionally, new features such as ‘Take notes for me’ will be part of the AI Meetings and Messaging add-on, available for $10 per user per month. This add-on can be integrated with select Workspace plans, enriching Meet and Chat functionalities.

Boosting your data security, Google Workspace introduces the AI Security add-on. Available for $10 per user per month with select Workspace plans, this add-on empowers IT teams to automatically safeguard sensitive files across your entire company’s Google Drive. AI Security utilizes privacy-focused AI models, trainable on your organization’s specific data, to continuously assess, categorize, and protect both existing and newly uploaded Drive files.

Source: 5 Workspace announcements from Google Cloud Next ’24

Google Workspace streamlines document creation and organization with two new features coming soon.

Sheets: A new “tables” feature will offer a sleek and organized way to format and present your data. Additionally, pre-built templates for common tasks like project management and inventory will be available, eliminating the need to build spreadsheets from scratch.
Docs: A revamped tab system will allow for better organization of information within a single document. Users can also personalize their documents with full-bleed cover images that stretch across the entire page.


Gmail mobile now enhances user experience by supporting voice dictation, allowing you to compose emails effortlessly using your voice. Simultaneously, Gemini in Gmail introduces the “instant polish” feature, available to Gemini Enterprise/Business and Google One AI Premium users. This innovative feature streamlines your workflow by transforming quick notes into polished email drafts with a single click, significantly saving time and boosting productivity.

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