G Suite Pricing (2020): Basic, Business, And Enterprise

How Much Does G Suite Cost?

G Suite offers 3 main packages where price depends on the number of users. G Suite Basic prices at $6 per user per month; G Suite Business prices at $12 per user per month; and G Suite Enterprise prices at $25 per user per month. 

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G Suite BasicG Suite BusinessG Suite Enterprise
Custom Business Email
Cloud-based File Storage
(per user)
Shared Drivex
Google Vaultx
Google Cloud Searchx
Google Meet:
Max. no. of participants
Google Meet:
Live streaming
Google Meet:
Record meetings
Advanced Security and
Admin Controls
Work Insightsxx

G Suite Pricing: Compare Basic, Business, Enterprise Editions

G Suite Free Account: Try Before You Buy

Mater Concept now offers a 30-day free trial to businesses. New G Suite users can enjoy a free trial without credit card and cancel it at any time during the trial period. 


Latest G Suite Discount: Save More With Master Concept


We have volume and regional discounts, as well as discounts for educational institutions. Please contact our sales team for more information.



Why Master Concept?

1st G Suite Authorised Partner in Hong Kong & Taiwan

Master Concept is one of the most trusted G Suite Premier Partner in Asia Pacific. We helped over 1,000 businesses transform to a digital workplace with G suite by offering account setup, email and data migration, local support and on-site training. 

Master ConceptGoogle
Free Trial Period30 days14 days
Pre-sales ConsultationFreex
Primary Domain VerificationFreex
Payment MethodWire transfer/
Credit Card
After-sales supportx
Local Supportx
Change Managementx

Which G Suite Edition Is Right For You?

G Suite Basic: Affordable Online Office Tools

G Suite Basic offers a set of intelligent collaborative tools including Gmail, Docs, shared calendars, 30GB cloud-based storage, video meetings through Google Meet that allow you to connect people in your company wherever they are.

Here are a few key indicators you’ll need G Suite Basic:

  • If you are a freelancer or solopreneur
  • If your business has fewer than 5 employees
  • If you don’t have the need to set up shared file structures 
  • If you don’t need a huge amount of space to store files and emails
  • If you don’t need email archiving, eDiscovery, and data retention

G Suite Business: The Most Popular Edition With Unlimited Cloud Storage

G Suite Business is recommended for medium to large companies, and teams who need more storage to save files, as well as store and share files in shared drive.

G Suite Enterprise: Advanced Controls And Capabilities

Combined with the benefits of G Suite Business, G Suite Enterprise is the most powerful edition of G Suite yet. G Suite Enterprise is recommended for larger companies, and those seeking advanced controls and capabilities including security key management, data loss protection, big data analytics on Gmail logs, and enterprise-grade meetings.

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