G Suite legacy free edition is about to end 【How to select Google Workspace for your business】

Google once launched a G Suite free edition (formerly called Google Apps) for customers to apply for until December 2012, which contained Google's core collaboration tools: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Meet, and Chat. However, according to Google's latest official statement, users of G Suite legacy free edition will have to upgrade to Google Workspace by July 2022 if they want to continue using the services.
G suite free edition upgrade to Google Workspace

In an effort to bring cloud services to more enterprises, governments, and education organizations, Google once launched G Suite free edition (formerly called Google Apps) for customers to apply for until December 2012, which contained Google’s core collaboration tools: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Meet, and Chat. However, according to Google’s latest official statement, users of G Suite legacy free edition will have to upgrade to Google Workspace by July 2022 if they want to continue using the services.

G Suite legacy free edition will end in July 2022

Google officially announced on January 19, 2022, that G Suite legacy free edition will no longer be available starting July 1, 2022. To maintain the current services and accounts, customers will need to upgrade to Google Workspace by May 1, 2022. After the upgrade, customers can use the new subscription at no cost until at least two months before July 1, 2022. If customers choose to wait, Google will begin upgrading subscriptions automatically on May 1, 2022. Organizations will be upgraded to a new Google Workspace subscription based on the features currently used. During the transformation, there will be no interruption of service and no data loss.

After completing the upgrade, existing G Suite free edition customers will have to complete their Google Workspace payment settings by July 1. If payment information is not provided, the Google Workspace subscriptions will be suspended until billing settings are confirmed to be valid. Furthermore, businesses will no longer be able to use major Google Workspace services such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Meet after 60 days of suspension.

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How should Businesses select optimal Google Workspace solutions?

The upgrade from G Suite to Google Workspace gives companies immediate access to advanced collaboration tools, more storage space, and improved security. To be more specific, Google Workspace is divided into two main series:

Business Series: Google established tailored offerings for small and medium businesses to assist them to start using Google Workspace in an easy and cost-effective – including superior collaboration and productivity tools, security protections, as well as administrative controls.

Enterprise Series: The versions for larger businesses will offer additional productivity features, enterprise-grade administrative controls, and Google’s most advanced security and compliance capabilities, available at both the team and organization level.

In the case where companies are deciding which version Google Workspace they should upgrade to, the following aspects are suggested to be taken into consideration when evaluating:

Business StarterBusiness StandardBusiness PlusEnterprise Series
Number of users1 – 3001 – 3001 – 300Any number
Google Drive – Storage30 GB / user2 TB/ user5 TB/ userAs much as you need
Google Drive – Shared Drive✔️✔️✔️
Google Meet – Participant Limit100 participants150 participants500 participants500 participants
Google Meet – Advanced Feature24 hours
Meeting length limit
+ Breakout rooms
+ Meeting recording
+ Attendance tracking+ In-domain live streaming
Security & Management2-step verification2-step verification+ Advanced Protection Program + Data loss prevention
+ And more…
*PricingUS $6 / userUS $12 / userUS $18 / userContact Us!

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FAQs for upgrading to Google Workspace

Can I keep my G Suite legacy free edition subscription?

No, you can’t for all the older G Suite solutions must be upgraded to Google Workspace.

Enterprise users are recommended to upgrade their accounts to a Google Workspace edition that best meets their needs. Kindly remind that Google will automatically upgrade your organization to corresponding subscription schemes ( Number of people / Functions ) if you choose not to upgrade by May 1, 2022.

How will the upgrade affect the existing free G Suite?

The current G Suite legacy-free subscriptions and related services will continue to functions until you self-upgrade or we upgrade you automatically to one of the new editions. There will be no interruption of service and no data loss during the conversion during the process. To complete the upgrade without subscription discontinuation, please fill in the billing information by July 1, 2022.

How should you choose your Google Workspace version?

Automation upgrade: Google will upgrade to the proper Google Workspace version based on the functionality currently in use.

Manual Self-upgrade:How to choose your solution? Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) pricing plan

If you choose to upgrade the system, what is the cost?

The subscription plan will switch from free to “flexible” on May 1 and will enjoy a two months free payment until July 1. The day after July 1, Google will then charge you monthly fees based on the number of users of your organization. In addition, the monthly cost depends on the new version of Google Workspace.

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