Alsid is offering enhanced security for Active Directory hosted on Google

Alsid is offering enhanced security for Active Directory

What is Active Directory (AD)?

Active Directory (AD) is a directory service created by Microsoft for use in a windows server environment and it is the dominant mode of managing Windows domain networks. Most of the companies use it as a primary method to secure their data and provide seamless authentication and authorization, in other words, Active Directory is holding the keys to all your valuable assets.

Solution for Google managed AD

Many companies overpass the potential security issues of AD due to internal technical capacity and other factors. However, AD requires continuous monitoring and analysis to stay on top of changes to environments and group policies to avoid attacks. If your company just ignores the issue, once cyber adversaries inside the AD, they will be able to access a myriad of proprietary and business-critical data across systems managed by AD. 

As a Google premier partner, Master Concept gets you the best-in-class solution to secure Google managed AD. If any of you are using Google managed AD, Alsid would be the “go-to” solution to protect it.

Why Alsid?

Alsid provides a comprehensive security solution that provides instant peace of mind for your Active Directory teams.

Top 4 benefits of Alsid

  1. Find existing weaknesses
  2. Uncover attack pathways
  3. Investigate incidents
  4. Detect attacks in real-time

(For more details: please visit Alsid)

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