16 Tips
for using Google Meet

Google Meet Tutorials in Cantonese


4. Conduct polls on Google Meet

As a moderator

1. In Google Meet, click “Activities ”  at the top

2. Select “Polls

3. Tap “Start a poll“. Enter a question and add options for the poll.

4. Choose an option:

(i)Click “Launch” to post your poll.

(ii) or click “Save” if you would like to save your poll so you can launch it later.

(5) To let participants see a poll’s results, turn on “Show everyone the results“. 

(6) To close a poll and not allow responses, click “End the poll


As a participant

1. Click “Activities” at the top

2. Select “Polls

3. Select your response and click “Vote“. 


1. Only the moderator/host can create polls for participants to vote on.

2. After the meeting, the moderator will get an email report with the poll results, which includes the names and answers of the participants.